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Frequently Asked Questions about this website.

  • Who hosts this website?
I host it through my business, Big Man Networks (

And yes, I really do know and do all those things mentionned on my site ;-)

  • What software powers it?
The diary is powered by a program I wrote called "noNews" and the wiki is "noWiki". Both are code that I maintain as part of my Noink2 project. See

It also runs on Linux (Debian specifically), Apache, and Perl. I love FOSS!

  • What is a "Wiki?"
It's a collaborative web-site creation engine. However, I have mine locked down so that only I and some editors can edit it. Basically, I'm using a wiki because I can create and edit online documents very quickly and easily (and I am a very lazy man ;-)

  • Who did the graphics/design?
I did, you silly fool.

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