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 5      Staves                     1-10(ish) I largely used staves.
 10     Freesword's Baghnakhs      Cheap. They came from gate guard.
 15     Republic Knuckles          First MNK purchase I made that I really loved.
 32     Impact Knuckles               My trusty Republic Knuckles served me well, even
 .                                    though I did try many others in between (Cougar
 .                                    Bacghnakhs, Sonic Knuckles, etc) but nothing
 .                                    could match the damage and reliability of my
 .                                    Republics... Until I got my Impacts.
 38     Mythril Knuckles +1           Sadly, I later on sold this because eventually
 .                                    got my Vampiric Claws... Which arguably are a
 .                                    better H2H weapon at this level.
 48     Patas +1                      After my 40 "ouch", I just wasn't willing to buy
 .                                    pricey H2H weapons considering so many would be
 .                                    used for such a short period of time.
 52     Tactician Magician's Hooks +1 Again, not terribly pricey, but the middle range
 .                                    ones (TMH+1) really gave the biggest bang for
 .                                    the buck anyway. Personally, I wouldn't see any
 .                                    reason to get the +2s... ever.
 67     Vishnu's Cesti                Not the most expensive when I got them (200k),
 .                                    but without a doubt the most impressive.
 71     Knuckles of Trials            I (like so many MNKs) wound up using my Trials
 .                                    weapon in parties. They really aren't that bad
 .                                    of a weapon, and I would only use them for a bit
 .                                    and then switch back to my Vishnu's.
 72     Wagh Baghnakhs                The H2H weapon I use for MNK to this day. Best
 .                                    thing next to all the rare KSNM and HNM drops,
 .                                    and they are so cheap!

H2H Weapons I still own:

  • Republic Knuckles, Claws +1 (for 30-capped events), Vampiric Claws (got rid of Impacts and Mythrils for these), Patas +1, TMH+1, Vishnu's, Wagh Baghnakhs.


 1      Kunai
 7      Wakizashi
 13     Shinobi-gatana             Nothing really fancy here. Just cheap stuff to get
 .                                 me through till the parties. I may have had some +1's
 .                                 here and there, I don't recall.
 15     R: Mokuto +1               Now here are your first really awesome NIN weapon. I
 .      L: Mokuto +1               had two. That silence effect makes tanking mage jobs
 .                                 (that can AoE? away your shadows) much easier.
 19     R: Suzume                  Got the Suzume from a BCNM drop. Otherwise would
 .      L: Mokuto +1               have kept both Mokuto's for a while.
 24     R: Hibari +1               Splurged on these, wasn't that impressed with them.
 .      L: Hibari +1
 28     R: Fukuro                  Quested these, and I loved them. Sold off one Hibari
 .      L: Hibari +1               but kept the other in off-hand until 30. Then sold
 .                                 that one off.
 30     R: Nikkariaoe              Camped the NM, got the drop on my second claim. Moved
 .      L: Fukuro                  Fukuro to second hand. Sold off remaining Hibari.
 40     R: Zushio/Anju?             NIN AF weapons here. I used one in my main hand
 .      L: Nikkariaoe              (depending on whether I needed more STR or DEX) and
 .                                 moved Nikkariaoe to off-hand. Kept Fukuro for 30-cap
 .                                 activities.
 48     R: Sai                     Dual Sai's here for Parry. Kept Nikkariaoe for 30-cap
 .      L: Sai                     activities. Did not get +1 because it was too damned
 .                                 expensive.
 55     R: Hototogisu              Yay! Got the Rare/EX NM drop, and swapped out one Sai
 .      L: Sai                     for it. Kept Sai's for 50-capped events.
 61     R: Kabutowari +1           If I had the money, I'd get Sairen. But since I don't,
 .      L: Hototogisu              I wont. Moved Hototogisu to off-hand.
 66     R: Kororito +1             This was just a stop-gap to get me through to my Fudos.
 .      L: Kabutowari +1
 70     R: Fudo                    Ahhh... the Fudos. When I got them, they were rather
 .      L: Fudo                    expensive. They have come down in price lately, but they
 .                                 are still very hard to beat. There's some better Katanas
 .                                 after these, but everything better is very hard to
 .                                 obtain. Ultimately, nothing is really that much better to
 .                                 warrant ditching these, so I used Fudos to 75.

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