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  • Note: This page is old and hasn't been updated. This was my NIN gear circa late 2007/early 2008, and I'm entirely too lazy to update it now.

A lot of people have asked me about my NIN gear. I tend to be a very good NIN, I evade a lot of attacks, hold hate very well, and generally speaking, people are impressed with me as a NIN.

I don't like to think of myself as a "career NIN" (you know, the ones who get all of the "uber" gear for their NIN, whether that gear really makes them a better NIN or not). My emphasis is always on gear that will make me a demonstratively better NIN and yet still be a good deal (e.g., I can use it for other jobs, and it doesn't cost and arm and a leg for small gain). So, that's really what you'll see here.

Bear in mind that the setups I have here shouldn't be considered the only choice for end-game NINs. This is simply what I picked. I picked it based upon the merits I have and the natural strengths (and weaknesses) of my race (Galka).

Anyway, without further ado, my gear:

General Tanking Gear

The following gear is macroed in when I provoke and I usually leave it on while my shadows are up. The emphasis here is evasion, accuracy (perfect for that slow enmity generation), and enmity (largely for any spike hate generators like provoke, warcry, or criticals).

The only gotcha with the above gear is the Toreador's Cape. This cape gives me +9 Evasion and +4 Enmity, which is incredible for a NIN. The problem is that cape also drastically increases criticals against me. So you really only want to wear it while shadows are up. As soon as your shadows are down, swap this sucker out ASAP. Personally, I swap back in my [Amemet Mantle], but that's simply because it's what I have.

So, my provoke macro swaps in the Toreador's Cape, and my Utsusemi macros swap in the Amemet Mantle.

Also, I mentioned that the left ring tends to be situational, well, it really is. If it's lightningsday, I swap in my [Lightning Ring] for the extra ACC boost. My Jubaki, Kurayami, Hojo and Dokumori macros swap in [Balrahn's Ring] to help reduce the amount of resists. And I put on my [Kshama Ring No. 4] on those occasions where I need to kite something and need the extra DEF and VIT.

Weaponskill Gear

The following is when I do my only weaponskill macro, [Blade: Jin]. Because at least one part of this gear is specific to Blade: Jin, and because Blade: Jin is arguably NIN's most powerful weaponskill, I don't waste any effort making macros for other weaponskills. If I ever need to pull another weaponskill, I'll just forgo the macro and pull it manually.

The Kote I've had forever (since MNK) and I finally broke down and got an Osode. The funny thing is, you won't see me just wearing these rather uber items all the time. The +10 EVA from the Scorp. Harness beats the AGI boost on the Osode for general tanking, and the sizable negative EVA on the Kote make it something that would combine badly with the Toreador's Cape. So, they both wind up macroing in for a split second during my weaponskill.

I think if I were to change anything here it would be to macro in some +ATT or +STR head and foot items. However, I'm yet to find anything that gives me a large enough boost to justify the price to obtain them.

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