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Life, and then some2004 Aug 26 (Thu), 21:20
Welp, I've been busy lately with life and life-like crap in general (divorce, deaths, a marriage, you know the drill) so I haven't played much nor updated this site. But I am going to try and bring things a bit more up-to-date than they have been...

First of all, Summerfest ended (thank goodness... was sick of all the noise ;-) but not before Genova killed herself a few times. Heheh, that was fun. I then did myself some NM hunting, killed me a Hoo Mjuu without any really decent drop. Also killed a Geyser Lizard (which may not be a NM, may just be rare) which was harder than I thought he would be ;-)

I then spent some time farming lizzies in Valkurm. They link, you see, so farming them is pretty easy. They also climb trees apparently.

Kyler was complaining he hadn't been in my website for a while, so here he is. Then, on the boat, I met a guy who was rather paranoid about his face getting hurt while fishing.

Once back in Windy, Kyler, Xil, and myself put on our blue duds and became the Blue Brigade. We then proceeded to run around killing stuff in our blue clothes. It was all very silly.

Later on, I continued to level WAR... which I actually started enjoying. The switch to the Axe made a HUGE difference.

Then I ventured into Ordelle's Cave for more RSE goodness. Actually managed to get everyone in the party a key due to a rather abundant number of badguys. In fact, I really liked Ordelle's... I think it has an unwarrented bad rap. So I wound up getting another RSE item.

A few days later, I went with Terial and others in ClanAM LS to fight the dragon (they were on 2-3, and I just like fighting the dragon ;-) Here we are at the buning circle. Here is the Eye. And this is Mr. Dragon.

I ended the day singing myself to death! (I used BRD, level 1, to death warp my ass back to Jeuno ;-)