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Updates galore2004 Dec 27 (Mon), 17:23
Wow has it ever been a long old time since I updated this. So, here we go.... ONE MASSIVE UPDATE!

Check the Galka chef!

Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?

After the CoP expansion came out I got all nut-bunnies to try new areas. So, I headed to Bibiki Bay. Here is the Ferry. Here I am on the Ferry. Here I am dead on the Ferry (hey, it only rated as EP?!) Someone raised me and got a chance to see the island and some people fighting some way evil things.... Before I died again. Later on, I went to Carpenter's Landing.

I then went an chatted it up with a few NPCs. Here is Sobane (she is the one that starts the Tapestry quest). Here is Phillone who has something to do with the Sandy Knight that travelled through time. And here is Hanaa Punaa who has a cute ass. Eventually, I was arrested for indecent NPC exposure and had to call it quits.

WAAAAY back in October I did level up some more in the Crawler's Nest. I also farmed in Giddeus and fought some wussy NMs there.

Eventually, I reached enlightenment and learned levitation... at least until a cute mithra walked by.

Back in October, Thirsty started playing. To give you an idea of how much time has passed, Thirsty recently killes his dragon and is now a 34 MNK :-P

Of course, I had to scar some tarus for life and squish my good friend Perite. I'm sick like that. Later on, I was a part of a work of art... or a love-in... Whatever... I just wish I could have gotten the mithra...

Stinky knows how to shake her groove thing... which is good because otherwise she is such a badass. She does enjoy a nice roaring fire though.

Hey Kyler, wanna dance?

BTW, Evlaan RSE is so freaking hot!

Starlight Spectacular2004 Dec 27 (Mon), 17:28
Well, the holidays were pretty rocking in the game. The new quests were all awesome.

Genova saw a Taru line of carolers so Stinky had to be a part of it. It was kind of neat... but way too cute.. Kind of makes you want to vomit, doesn't it?

Maior didn't really get into the holiday spirit. Instead, he went and slept with the fishes. (Okay, okay... so this is just a glitch ;-)

Still, Genova and Stinky got into the holiday spirit. Stinky even found love in a fellow taru mule.