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Dragon... again and again...2004 Sep 1 (Wed), 16:45
First of all... check out the upskirt? Who loves ya, baby?

Last weekend we finally got to kill Trix's dragon. Here we are at the burning circle. We had a pretty interesting party. A WAR/WHM, a BLM/NIN, and our little Trix who was only level 18 ;-) But I've fought the dragon so many times it went off without a hitch.

I punched it in the face which it didn't like one bit. But, as I said, the dragon was a pushover.

Mucho Updato2004 Sep 14 (Tue), 20:56
Been a while since an update, so I figure it's timely.

First of all, here is Genova getting all cozy with a Galka.... Tramp ;-) Here she is with a cool sunset. And here she is setting up shop for the night. Speaking of mules, I have myself another one, Stinkbreath ("but I don't wanna be baby stinkbreath!") hailing from the great land of Bastok. With a mule in every city, I can shop around and sell items that are most popular in a given area ;-)

Well, Meretrix was finally wanting to head to Jeuno, so escorted him. The trip ultimately was very boring (unlike my first time).

Once there, Terial, Drifter and Xilldon all wanted to go and do Samurai. They managed to get a high level help and we were off. We headed out to kill the Gardian Treant first. Then went to take care of the bomb.

At the bomb spawn there was another party so we had to wait our turn. We had to battle the bomb three times, but it was a cool battle.

After the bomb, we headed to Kazham and then to Norg to complete the quest. Drifter's Chocobo and mine had a... moment... on the way....

Now, I was a bit peeved by the whole thing. Our high level SAM helper wound up wanting us to pay him (after we had started the journey and had killed the Treant) and no one else would pay him. So I (who really wasn't looking to finish SAM at the moment) wound up having to pay him. Kinda rough when you consider I was saving for my Kotes....

Speaking of Kotes, I spent a helluva lot of time farming. Asside from the occassionaly thrill from an accomodating leech it was long and boring work. There are scarier things in Buburimu than the Ghouls... During my farming I even fought a NM or two... Didn't get any drops.

On one my final farming runs I met this guy. Woah... nice bell-bottoms, chief.

I was 20k shy of my Kotes when I got an invite. Since I had at least that in my mule's AH's I decided to accept the invite while I waited for stuff to sell. We went to Crawler's Nest, which is not my favorite place, but it sufficed. I went up another level here.

When I came back.... CHA-CHING! Ochiudo's Kotes, baby! Yes, yes... +20 Attack. Here is Meretrix checking out the kotes. Here is some freak wearing the kotes and... uh... some really mismatched clothes.

I took my kotes out to Jugner to try and camp Panzer Percival for Trix's Neckchopper. Tried the kotes out on stuff like Walking Trees. These kotes rule.

Rank 4... but at what cost?2004 Sep 22 (Wed), 17:29
Before I begin, lemme give you some gratuitous sexuality...

*Unngh*! ... Oh yeah! ... Who loves ya, baby?


Firstly, check the hot synthing Elvaan chick in the cool specs ;-) Next, check out how mean looking I am... I am one grouchy son of a bitch.

Well, I managed to get Rank 4. But it was hard and there was a hefty price. Started out in Jeuno with a bunch of friends from the clan. We also had high level 64WHM helping us out. Our rag-tag bunch headed out to the Tower and punched a few Giants in the crotch.

Our journey up the tower was long with only a few things giving us minor difficulty. The problem was, one of our LS members kept disconnecting. Here we are waiting at a staircase between levels for him (we were here because we didnt know what level he disconnected on and where he would respawn). During the many disconnects we did keep ourselves busy. Eventually, we make it to the top where we could kille Giants while waiting for the NM to spawn. We, of course, got the NM and dispatched him with minimal effort.

The problem was, or LS member with connection problems kept disconnecting before he could lot for a key. So, we wound up fighting the damned NM around 4 times, and spent 45-60 minutes up there trying to get him his key. Every single fight, he would disconnect.

Eventually, the party voted on just moving on and we left him up there. I felt bad about it, but we had already sunk so much time into this and his connection was so flaky there was little more we could do. When he came back, he was pretty pissed off. There is more to this story, but I'd rather not go into it. Check out the full details here.

Long story short, I guess he apologized for getting so upset. I'd also like to apologize to him for leaving him up there. I know there wasn't anything we could really do, but I still feel real bad about it.