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Mondo Update #12005 Jul 16 (Sat), 14:10
Welp, like I said in my last update, it's been a freaking long time, and I need to get everyone up to speed on where I am now. So, we will hurredly get through some of what's happenned to me.

Back in Jan 05 there was a really great special event that granted people items allowing them to turn into various mobs. Genova got a handy-dandy Bunny Belt. Here she is with Streetglow (Drifter's mule).

Meanwhile, Maior continued to level up Samurai while he waited for his Ores to grow (so he could afford the big 40 "ouch" for Monk). Samurai wound up being quite fulfilling once I figured out a lot of the stuff that people don't know about it (like how they are the second best in the game at bow-skills). Maior even got some good action from a fellow teammate. Ah, yeah.

Maior also spent some time improving his home with a Noble's Bed. And, after his Ores grew and he had more money, he contined to level up Monk, fighting some pretty scary stuff. He travelled around wearing nothing but his Kotes and was generally unstoppable. He even dinged at 40 and posed for some "40-pics" with good friend Meretrix.

He met up with his old Galka BLM friend Ziath (who was 75 now) and bought himself a pretty fly Pimp Hat for Chi Blast. Soon, he was leveling again. He met some truly kick ass Taru PLDs that could hold hate like no one's business.

He managed to successfully camp Panzer Percival for his Neckchopper (because WAR was in dire needs of being levelled again).

Meanwhile, Thersities was levelling up his new love, RNG, and the two met up in Jeuno to do a Galkan size check. He also managed to complete his Magecite Missions and get his airship pass.

Mondo Update #22005 Jul 16 (Sat), 14:16
Continuing my flurry of updates, let's look at what happened in Feb 05.

First, I took my good friend Droopy to Raboa, where I found an NPC wearing my gear.

Very soon I got Ninja and obtained the first 9 scrolls. Now I was ready to once again level up WAR. However, my WAR had previously been gimped with a Sword, so my Great Axe and Axe skills were way low. So I headed out to Giddeus to level them up. Meanwhile, Stinky became a full-time Gardener.

Mondo Updates #32005 Jul 18 (Mon), 14:23
Still trying very desperately to get caught up, I'll move on to Mar 05 (which roughly marked 1 year of playing for me... I think :-)

Started out by organizing our first ever Clan Ballista. We had probably 8 or so people from the clan representing Windy and went up against total strangers. We lost miserably :-)

We went on to play 2 more level 30 Ballistas, but our Clan wound up getting split for the rest and I even DC'ed during one.

Several of the Clan were approaching 50 and needed their first Limit Break items. So, we set out to get them. In Garliage we were worried that some would get aggro from stuff around the bombs, so I stayed at the zone with Trix. We basically hung out on the steps and lotted on the coals as they dropped. We managed to get all but the blasted Papyrus that day for everyone involved.

Later on, I flew somewhere. Must have been impressed with how it looked, because I took a picture. No idea what I was doing, though :-)

Very soon, we did hit 50, and several of us went to do our 5-1 mission. Since not everyone had the crystal, we wound up walking. This had been only my second time to Beaucedine Glacier since the first time when Trix and I got aggroed by a Tiger from a VERY LONG distance :-) This was also the first time I had ever seen a Light elemental effect. We finally arrived at Fei'yin with a minimal amount of trouble.

The battle for 5-1 was intense. But we kept our wits about us and focused solely on the Archlich. We prevailed and recouperated after the battle.

We finally rounded out the month by getting several folks to rank 4, and killing an NM or two in the process.