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65, baby!2005 Nov 5 (Sat), 23:47
Not a real update... just wanted to post that today (just an hour ago, actually) I made 65 MNK :-)

Come a long way, baby2005 Nov 5 (Sat), 23:51
One more tiny update... I guess I've come a long way since I was a young Galka MNK walloping Yagudo in the Sarus with a staff :-)

Ronald McDonald Ate My Baby2005 Nov 8 (Tue), 16:13
I recently helped Arb get his G2 items. It was pretty fun because I haven't really been back to fight these mobs since I did them for Thersty and myself. Man are they a push over now (except for thet coerl that uses perfect dodge... bastard).

Trix has been filling in for Kit in Thersty's ENM static while Kit is out of town. We got him through the Promies and he is now ready (along with Val, and several others) for the next chapter. We also got the map item drop for Mea for Thersty, but we haven't found the ??? yet. Then again, in the ENM static we weren't really spending a lot of time looking. This prompted me to try to solo the Holla Map item dropping mob. Which I can apparently do quite easily as long as I use the right food and equipment. I never got the drop myself, though.

I then had the rather unfortunate experience of being in a terribly shitty party. This party went out to Boyada Tree and died on our first mob. This was bad because I had just partied here the week before and my party then schooled everything. The really funny thing is that, if you look, many of the party had their warp cudgels out in an attempt to warp before they died. We waited for a raise to come, and then died again on our next pull. Basically... the party sucked ass. I deleveled, and HP'ed.

I then went with Arb to get his Sea Serpent Ghrotto key. Here we are on the airship to Kazham. Here we are thumping crabs and things for the key. We had two people who needed the key, and managed to get both within an hour.

As I mentioned in the last couple of posts, I made it to 65 (66 now). At 65 I could finally take a part in tier 3 darkness skillchains. Which was very fun to be a part of. Here is the party I was with when I dinged 66.

Fearless Mouse Army General2005 Nov 18 (Fri), 16:38
First of all, I've removed my Google Adsense content from this site and the clan site. If you're curious about the sorted details, it is currently the most recent thing on my main site (after it slides from the main site, you will be able to find it here).

Went out with Liabbelle some more. She is sporting some mighty foxy subs lately. Very nice, indeed.

I then headed up another Garrison. We had a really great turnout in spite of the fact it was an off-night. Here is Ava who was there the whole night (first time, usually he comes and goes). The gobs were, once again, pushovers, except for one battle in the dunes that did not go so well :-)

I then leveled with Liabbelle some more. Now she is in what looks like the hot Elvaan RSE. Way cool! Yes, baby, you cure me... you cure me good.

Thersty and I also went out to get our Attowa Chasm map. The NMs for this map were fun to fight, but as a 67 MNK all they really did was tickle.

Fearless Mouse Army, Ho!2005 Nov 21 (Mon), 15:10
We just did a CoP 2-3 (Aqueducts) run this weekend. It was very successful. Some of us gathered in Jeuno and went to the vortex in Qufim. On my way there, I encountered a light show, which I have never seen before in Qufim. Pretty amazing that I've played this game for nearly a two years now and this is the first time I've seen this :-) When we were all in the Safehold, we gathered together while I went through the strategy.

Going to the Minotaur fight, we moved like marines- single file, not catching any aggro. It was fucking sweet. We rock :-)

The Minotaur was a pushover with our skilled alliance and we dispatched him without difficulty. After it was dead, we moved quickly to the hall and rested. We had a pretty great group including 3 people who were friends of people in our clan.

Unfortunately, we made a pretty bad error in judgement after the Minotaur. Our guide (Mynx, a great player otherwise :-) pulled aggro from a slime. We stupidly thought "Hey, we're a big fucking alliance, how tough can one little slime be?" So we fought him thinking we'd cream him. Boy were we wrong. He linked a second slime, and once we lost sneak during the battle, we aggroed two more pugs. It wiped the entire alliance. Luckily, Ava had reraise and we were able to get everyone back on their feet (with only 30-40 min or so of a set-back).

After we raised, we proceeded to the library. We unfortunately went the wrong way first, but we managed to correct ourselves and take the left passageway. There are always 2 Stegotaurs guarding the libraries, so we had to fight them.

With the mission completed, we travelled to the opposite libraries and got a few people their maps.

World of Hurt2005 Nov 30 (Wed), 20:36
Firstly, here's another pic of Streetglow and Genova muling together.

After our Aqueducts run, I stuck around in the area doing quests (including wrapping up this one by killing fomors). While I was there, I fought some cool dark elementals and went to visit Riverne Site #A01.

But soon I was back leveling. Found some great parties with people, even semi-staticked (we just kept showing up in the same parties). I discovered that I loved partying with DRGs because of the light skillchains we can do together.

The funniest thing is that, because I was SATA partner, I typically had my head in a Dhalmel's butt... which is very much like the first time I fought Dhalmels ;-)

I then went and spent some time with Liabelle, who was sporting a fun little skirt. I finally got her into Promy, where she wore even more sexy outfits. The Promy NPC quest was pretty fun with only minor downtime. I was even very tempted to try and take her to the MR.

Came back to Jueno to find a massively failed Dynamis. Boy, does that look like fun.

I then did a couple of Promy runs. This one was with Tamara, Darkkit, Azik, Cyclonus, and others I can't recall. It was successful... of course. Then Thersty's ENM, where Dem was a pushover and we took Hilkiah through his Holla boss battle.