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Promy, Promy, Promy2005 Oct 20 (Thu), 15:27
We got a bit Promy crazy at ClanAM recently. First off, near the end of September we did a Promy ENM Event. The purpose of this was to show people how Promy's work and not necessarily to beat any Promy bosses. We wanted to farm up the items needed to beat the bosses as well as show people the basic ascent and battle strategies. We had a great turn-out, enough for a full alliance for the ascent.

On our way up, we met and dealt with all aggro quite easily primarily due to the size of our alliance. At the top, however, things did not go as well. Some people jumped the gun on the ENM fight and messed it up for the rest of us. However, we did beat the Promy boss for everyone involved who needed it and it was mostly a success.

Later on, Thersty and I headed to do some stuff in Molvopolis. On our way there we met and slaughtered one of the new NMs. No drop. We then got our Molvopolis maps as well as attempted the ENM60 "Pulling the Strings" (Thersty succeeded, I failed, blargle).

Our next event in ClanAM was another Garrison event. By now, we've gotten pretty damned efficient at these and it was mostly a non-issue to beat. The Dunes was trivial and our alliance size spawned a tremendous number of NPCs. Here is Milo somewhere amidst Elvaan NPCs. The Dunes was a push over for us.

Then we moved on to Passhow where things didn't go quite so well. We ultimately had three people go AFK, including two BLMs, which meant that the high defense Quads ripped us a new one. The three AFKs also meant there were more mobs and NPCs than we could handle. Ultimately, Passhow was a bitter failure.

After Garrison, I spent more time leveling. I've been spending so much time over the last few months running events, I haven't leveled in a very long time. I managed to get a bones party. We were going along great, chaining VT to IT bones. Unfortunately, one member decided to be a dick and as soon as 3 people were 1k TNL, used a warp scroll and laughed at us. He went on my blist pretty damned quick (he is also the other Galka in the above picture, FWIW).

Because of our success in Promy, Thersty approached several of us to start up an ENM static. The idea being that we run the spires to fight the ENMs and gain EXP and possibly items. If you'll recall, I've already been in three other ENM statics by this point. I've also been in a few other EXP statics. I have very little confidence in statics in general because they've never ended well for me, but because this one was a group of close friends, I had more faith that it would work out. Here we are ascending Dem.

Thersty and I have been very close in level lately, so we decided to run out with fellow ClanAM member Avayr and party. Because this was a party we started, we headed out to Bibiki Bay where we were getting chains upwards of 450+ EXP off of birds and gobs. Damn was it nice :-)

Went over to Lufaise Meadows for the first time since beating Promy. Killed me some Bugards and jetted to the Safehold. Inside I performed quests and learned of their culture. Then headed out to explore Misareaux Coast where I stomped some fomors. The coast has some spectacular scenic beauty as well as some mysterious locations. I then went around stupidly clicking ???'s. Met up with this guy for a quest. The guy was a pushover but I needed to be more careful anyway. I also fought this cool Fomor Warrior.

I also finally broke down and got my NPC. Say hello to Liabelle my Elvaan honey. I finally broke down because of the cool NPC updates recently.

Tamara then proposed an ENM Pickup on the site which wound up being a great success. We all took totally non-traditional Promy jobs and schooled the ENM as an Alliance. Roughly 2k each, so it wasn't too bad. No deaths just a rip-roaring good time.

Assburger2005 Oct 25 (Tue), 14:10
Thersty's ENM Static seems to be holding, thus far. The grouping of Thersty, Ray, Ava, Tamara, Kit, and myself seems to be doing strong. Thus far, we've beaten every Promy boss or ENM we've fought.

The Halloween Event 2005 kicked off this week, and I am finally getting in on the fun. Last year, if you'll recall, during the Halloween event I was moving. So I didn't get to participate.

Tried ENM 60: Pulling the Strings again. Failed... again. Grrr.

I've started using Liabelle as something to do while I LFP. We fight EP things (bones at the moment) to pass the time. Here we are resting between battles. Close-up of us resting. At my level, we find EP bones in Eldieme and are able to tear through them. We also fight EP Shades. It really helps that Liabelle is a healer now.

Liabelle dinged 31 and got a new outfit (heh-heh), Elvaan chicks are so hot. Her Cure III's never steal hate. Next thing I need to do with her is get rid of that damned sword. Maybe I could give her this Shade's sword. We fought many different things.

Ratburgers and Cheese2005 Oct 28 (Fri), 14:41
Thersty's ENM static is still going strong. We've gotten so effeciant that we can usually do two ENMs within 40 minutes or so (that includes ascending the spires and everything). We did Mea and Holla this week. We even wound up having time fighting mobs at the top for EXP.

Here were are outside the Spire Holla entrance. Here is another shot. We fought good ol' Cogitator who was a pushover.

I then went out and leveled Liabelle some more. Note the G. Katana :-)

Blorg-Fwandle2005 Oct 31 (Mon), 18:36
We did a successful Promy Mea event this last weekend. Started out waiting for folks to show in Ru'Lude Gardens. Since Tam was teleporting us, she wanted us to wait "at Venessa's feet"... which was rather difficult for all of us to do.

Like I said, the Promy was successful, as they all have been now thanks to our strategy. But on the way up we met another team that was rather rude to us. They had one member who was very nasty. They went in before us and failed. Tam raised them... and they continued to abuse us. Saying we'd never win. Well... we went in and won... so we decided to hang around afterwards to gloat when they popped back out dead.. We were denied our gloating, however, because when they failed again they all just HPed. Rats..

I then went with Liabelle to Attowa Chasm (sp?). There we fought Antlions ... many of them, in fact. No good drops though.

Stinkbreath tried out the Halloween event.. and became a big scary puppy! He even joined a gang of other monsters!