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Maat Masher ][2006 Dec 18 (Mon), 19:59
Well, I fought and killed Maat again. I know I already beat him, but I happened to get a Testimony for NIN and thought "what the hell?"

I did kind of screw up, however. I went to Jeuno thinking that Maat would teleport me to the battle like he did before. However, it turns out that if you've already fought Maat you must meet him at the BCNM. So I had to mount up and ride out to Quicksand Caves and the BCNM therein. Maat himself wasn't very tough, and I was able to beat him easily.

After that, we went out and fought Megapod Megalops, a crab HNM that granted me my end-game Katana WS, Blade: Ku. We actually wiped the first time, but came back with more fire-power and destroyed him.

When he was dead, I headed to Norg to wrap up the quest. Enroute I encountered Meww the Turtlerider, who was a NM that dropped a BRD item that Avatarx wanted. I shouted for Avatarx to get his arse out there and I waited. This caused quite a commotion among the other Sahagins. Soon Avatarx, Cyclonus, Dragonlance and Meretrix showed up and we dispatched the NM. For a crappy low-level NM, he sure was hard to kill. He had this insane regen and could heal himself up completely every 15-20 seconds or so. This made the battle long, but not really altogether very hard.

In our next ENM static we popped and killed the Goblin Archaeologist for shits and giggles.

Then, we attempted the Mithran Trackers CoP Mission. We lost our first attempt, but then tried again (employing a very simple kiting strategy) and won easily.

Finally wrapped things up with Trix helping him lower his Fomor Hate.