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{Waterga}2006 Jun 1 (Thu), 15:57
Naughty, I know, but I hadn't updated since my ding. Oh well, here's the real story of how I dinged 75 as MNK, as well as other crap.

First of all, as a Clan, we've been doing a lot of besieged events. Here's many clan members beating a Troll Cannoneer. Here I am taking on a Troll Pezhetairoi and again. We won the battle, but ultimately lost the warp taru for the first time in our server's history. He was rescued pretty quickly though.

I then took a pick up party which was to be the party I was in when I dinged 75. They didn't have the staging point done, so we wound up taking the boat to Nashmau. Here we are fighting a Kulshedra on the boat ride. We get there and fight Imps, Flies and Jnuns and get crazy insane EXP chains. Soon, Ravenclaw joined me and we actually hit chain 23. In roughly 3 hours of playing I was able to earn 40+k EXP and go from 74 to 75. Here is the Imp that actually dinged me. There was much jubilation and happiness. I later on came back here (as well as had another Puk-party) for meripo. Thus far, I have criticals and katana meritted (for my NIN).

Later on, we went and did some Assaults as clan-mates. We schooled the prisoner rescue one several times.

Then, as I was logging after having muled all day long, I see that Cyc has some new NM cornered in Jugner and needed some help killing it. This new NM was a Mature Treant that had little saplings as pets. Here I am killing a 'Duessa', which is a sapling pet. And here we are waiting for Fradubio to wake up (Cyc had been sleeping like crazy, so I spammed provoke to ensure I had hate before waking it up). Once he woke up, he was largely a pushover, except he did start to spam pets near the end. We got the drop, and are currently waiting for it to sell.

Rounded out the week by heading with Trix to kill his NM, the Illusory Pot in Delkfutt.

I also talked to the Adventurer Appreciation Moogle to find out the following stats (as of 2006-06-01):

I also had this pervy little exchange:

Insert Witty Title Here2006 Jun 6 (Tue), 13:59
Started out by doing a Windy quest I had been sitting on for a while. I seriously don't know why I have such mental blocks with respect to certain quests. Headed out to a special spot in the Maze of Shakhrami where I found a strange opening in the rock. There I spawned Ichorous Ire and proceeded to stomp him.

Afterwards I headed to Al Zahbi with Dragonlance so we could do an Assault with Cyc. Here we are killing a Kulshedra. Once there we headed out on the Runic Portal to attempt the Excavation Duty Assault. Here we are ruthlessly punching a poor wall. We then ran to the next mobs to try and get some mines. Here we are fighting a Qigirn Ceramist. The Assault zone was pretty cool but filled with bombs so we had to tread lightly. Ultimately, we lost, but we did attempt another couple of Assaults with Meretrix once he got on.

I wrapped up the day heading to the mainland at sunset to do the Promy NPC quest and get a new tactics pearl for the week.

In Heaven, Everything Is Fine2006 Jun 18 (Sun), 04:07
Went a titch NM crazy lately.... Just a titch...

I've been working on the Kuzotz Region "Beastman Treasure" quest for over two years now. Got some silly Xhifuit item while leveling in Quicksand Caves, and the bugger sucked me into this blasted quest. I originally wanted the Sand Mantle for my MNK, but now my MNK is too high and has better gear anyway. I'm still trying to the damned quest simply because I have 3/4 of the items and it's the principle of the thing!

Anyway, on one of my many trips to Western Altepa Desert to kill Lanistas for the last item I need, I happened upon Falcatus Aranei, a NM spider living deep in Korroloko. Killed him very easily, did not get the drop.

After that, my NPC dinged 50 and it was time to do the first limit break quest for it. This involved dealing with this rat bastard. Jerkwad loses a painting for an old crank, and then is too much of a dick to face up to it... So he gets Liabelle and I to go and hornswaggle the cranky old man who ordered the damned painting in the first place. Bah... silly quest.

At any rate, this involved me heading to Castle Oz and fighting a Yagudo Muralist in a BCNM-like battle. The Muralist was a pushover, and soon Liabelle's limit was raised to 55.

After this, we had an impromptu run back for my Rare/EX katana. On my way there I saw someone fighting Bright-handed Kunberry. No idea what he drops, if he is part of a quest, or what. I just thought the name was kind of cool. Inside the Temple, Avayr, Cyc, Davros and myself killed old Moldberry himself good. Still no drop though.

Next up was Besieged... which I really do like. Here is General Zazarg, a kack-ass Galka MNK NPC who fights for Al Zahbi. You can generally find him guarding the sealed portal to the Astral Candescence. People have discovered an interesting bounding glitch in Al Zahbi where you can climb the walls. Often they do it while waiting for Beseiged to start. I certainly got in on the action as well.

I then headed out to fight some NM for my NPC. I forget if this was the next limit break quest or not (I think it was). The quest took me to Qufim which had a light show that I hadn't yet seen on the 360. The tower looked spectacular. The NM himself, Ingaevon was a pussy.

As I was fighting the NM, I overheard Unst in the LS bemoaning his success at getting G1 items. I've not gone back to help others since I got mine (other than helping Milo and gang with Bomb Coal, which doesn't count since it's so easy to get), so I decided to share the love and help out. We got the two papyruses we needed within an hour (which amazed me) and then headed to Garliage for the bomb.

En route, we encountered Old Two Wings and four of us 70+ gang raped him.

Then Cyc and I went on an ill-informed suggestion telling us to track down Hastatus XI-XII for my last remaining Xhifuit item. Now, Hastatus seems to only drop one Xhifuit item... and I got that item a while back. However, I was desperate, so we went back.

....It was a disaster...

Cyc and I wiped. We did manage to kill him, but the linkga got out of control and we wiped. BTW, Naebae (who came out to raise us) is my new hero.

I had posted on the ClanAM site a second NM Extravaganza event. I know it still was selfish of me since I wanted my damned Katana, but the last one was so fun that we wound up getting great turnout.

Started out with Cyc and I happening upon Fraelissa and Meteormauler Zhagtegg. Fraelissa gave up the goods, but Zhagtegg was stingy.

I then went to help Tam with Rose Garden. She had killed him approximately ten hours previously and we knew he would spawn soon. Greetings from inside this Overgrown Rose's gullet! Rose Garden spawned like clockwork, but we didn't get the drop.

Next, we went inside to kill old Moldberry a few times. This time, we got the drop! YAY! We actually got it twice.

After Moldberry gave us his snatch, we killed Manipulator for the shield for Milo (some alchemy thing). I had already killed him before with Avatarx and Cyc, but it was fun to take him on again.

We even had the mother of all trains... Thank you LEEEROY.... I mean Dragonlance.

Wrapped up the evening fighting Death From Above. Got the drop.

El Gato en el Hato2006 Jun 27 (Tue), 19:01
I am full of emptiness....

Did a bit of Brenner with Unst, Gol, Milo, et al. Our teams weren't terribly balanced, they had a RDM/NIN while we had a WHM/SMN, not the most useful job for Brenner. We won a few rounds, they won a few rounds. We actually did Brenner for a few hours but I got bored of it and left.

Then headed out to Tavnazia to do CoP 4-2 with Cyc, DL, DK and Avax. The entrance to Riverne Site #B01 looked spectacular on my 360. Our ascent went pretty smoothly. We had Drecan tag along as our 3rd SMN, and so we were pretty confident we would win. Here we are observing the next island with Dragonlance and Drecan. Here we are gathered together at the portal to the boss.

And here is Ouryu. And here he is again. We beat him with only one minor death (Cyclonus, but he doesn't count).

After that I returned to Al Zahbi to complete my ToAU missions. Here I am at the temple where the Astral Candenscence is stored.

Soon I was leveling NIN again. Here I am using my Hototogisu for the first time ever. And here is a cleaner shot of my Hototogisu.

Next, Cyclonus, Dragonlance, Avatarx and I did a few Assaults. We were quite successful and I finally found an item I want from Assault (the +EVA earring for my NIN).

We then went and did CoP 3-5 for Tam. Diabolos was a pushover, honestly. We've creamed him several times before, but this time he was especially weak because we had a strong BST with us.

After that, Tam, DL, Cyc and I headed out to kill Gore Demons for DL's Samurai Testimony. We also had to deal with any links as they happened. During the hunt, we happened upon Marquis Amon, who we promptly killed. We did not get DL his testimony this day, but I did return later on with my NPC and we got it for him then.

Finally wrapped things up by farming Hippogryphs for their tailfeathers for a rerun of CoP 4-2 for Tam. Took us quite a few kills but we eventually managed to get 12.