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Bitches ain't Shit2006 Mar 7 (Tue), 16:19
Spent quite a bit of time leveling up NIN lately. I've really gotten into the job. Here I am dead in a strange position I call "Light as a feather, stiff as a board". Was in a great group in the Jungles with Dragonlance, and we eventually moved in to fight Ironshells and Ghasts at the entrance to Norg. When I hit 30 I equipped my sweet Nikkariaoe that I had camped. All told we easily gained 4 levels that day a piece.

After we wrapped this up, Cyc found some people finishing up ZM4. Seeing as how I missed clicking on the stone for my last ZM4 run (stupid cure) he went along with me to help out. At least one person helping us was an asshat, but we got the job done. We then leveled NPCs for a bit on the surrounding mobs and called it quits for the day.

For Tam's sunday night 15-minute quest I started up a Mithra MNK mule in Sandy. I called her Mesohonee because she will love you long time (sucky, sucky).

Ahem... anyway... Genova and Cyc had a moment while they muled together... Awww... too bad Genova is a lesbian.

Back leveling up NIN again I wound up in a great party in a horrible place. Was with Dragonlance and Avayr as we leveled in Garliage Citadel. It occurred to me that that last time I was here was waaay back when I was leveling MNK in July 2004, and that I had managed to avoid Garliage for the last 4 jobs I'd leveled past 30. Needless to say, since the MPK patch Garliage is a much better place to level in. No more bad pulls shutting down the zone for 40 minutes to an hour. It was kind of cool, actually :-)

Because of a rather unfortunate spat in Thersty's ENM static we lost Tamara as part of the group. The ENM static had been together since Aug. 2005, which is really amazing and I have to hand it to Thersty for pulling it off. I personally hold no ill will towards Tam because of this (even though it was pretty bad of her to try to change the goal of Thersty's static) and still consider her a very good and close friend.

Anyway, longtime ClanAM friend Slothimus ("Sloth" from old ClanAM) is set to be Tam's replacement. Sloth has several jobs past 30, which means we will ultimately have more flexibility than we had with Tam. The big downside is Sloth isn't yet finished with the Promies. So, Thersty, Kit, Dragonlance, Avayr and myself took him through Dem as an introduction. It went off without a hitch, of course, and we all gained 3k EXP.

I next tried for my RSE sachet during the Galka time in Gusgen Mines. The Aroma Fly drops it, and I even had Dayum's THF to help. After 5 kills, and no drops, we called it quits.

Finished off leveling NIN for the week. Was in a great party in Behemoth's Domain killing bats. There I made one of the poorest fashion decisions ever. But this was rectified as soon as I hit 37 and could wear my Jujitsu Sitibaki again.

Because so many people had recently been dragged through the Promies by Milo and company, I took it upon myself to lead up another Aqueducts run. Had my bitches, Trix and Darkkit to accompany me. It was a great success.

After the run, we decided to get a bit dirty. I became a squirmy worm and they stripped for me. I did a squirmy dance and they fondled me. We spent a goodly portion of time growing and showing. Of course, I really liked my head being rubbed. But very soon, the girls wanted in on the action, and wanted me to pleasure them......... !


After our little group orgasm, we headed out to the coast to fight a NM for Darkkit. The NM is the one for the Mannequin quest and we gathered at the spawn point. The NM was a pushover, and we dispatched it rather quickly.

We next helped a large number of people farm in Oldton for the Bowyer Ring quest series. Here I am killing junk with Nelsh. The funniest thing was Golag popped the Bugalug before everyone was ready and it started beating on him. We managed to get there in time to kill it but it was pretty hilarious.

As the rest of the folks went to farm the Garlic they needed, I went with Cyc on a pick-up party for ZM6. The ants were really no problem and we managed to destroy them quickly. Afterwards we placed the crystals and wrapped up ZM7.

We then went and did ZM8. We searched for a tank desperately in Jeuno for about an hour, but finally gave up and decided I would tank. Here I am in my MNK tanking gear. Needless to say, tanking was all over the place with the mob's hate reset, but we did 2 hour him and dispatched him rather quickly. I think for the fight our record was 3 minutes 14 seconds.

Finally, we went and tried to wrap up the Bowyer Ring quest series with the BCNM. Here we are attacking the Moblin chief. Unfortunately, by this point everyone was quite exhausted and he wiped us. Oh well... we'll try again sometime.

Tonberry Smackdown2006 Mar 9 (Thu), 15:01
Started out in Norg wrapping up some Zilart cutscenes and camping the Ninjitsu NPCs there. Here I am outside of Gilgamesh's room. The next mission took me into The Hall of the Gods where I had to walk down very long hallways. Soon I came to a room full of statues, that honestly reminded me an awful lot of the .hack games. I can only assume that is Promathia behind me.

After touching the gate twice for the next mission, I returned to Norg and reported my findings to the old man. I then camped the Ninjitsu NPC for a while.

Finally wrapped up the day by heading out to farm keys, lanterns and things from Temple of Ugglapith. Went with Thersty, Nightshift, Dragonlance, Cyclonus and our NPCs. We killed lots of stuff, wound up with 3 lanterns, 3 keys, a Ninja testimony for Night, and a buch of other stuff.

'Cuz I'm The Juggernaut, Bitch!2006 Mar 14 (Tue), 15:25
Started out running out to Quicksand Caves with Arb, Luna, Kamu and Nightmir to kill me an NM Jug for ZM13. He was a massive pushover but it was good to finally finish the ZMs sufficient for sky access.

After finished here, we decided to go help Dragonlance kill Dark Spark for his SAM AF. On our way there, we got word from another clan member that Bloodtear Baldruf had spawned and was unclaimed. So we teleported out and engaged Bloodtear. We had 4 people 65+ and so the battle was really weak, Bloodtear just couldn't put up much of a fight. I did 2 hour him for the hell of it and we dispatched him with little problem. Here I am Asuran Fisting Bloodtear Baldruf... Hmmm... why do I keep saying that?

After Bloodtear was dead, we continued on to Xarcabard for Dragonlance's Dark Spark. When we got there, we spawned the spark, but another group of players stole our spawn. Thus, we had to wait another 15 minutes or so before we could spawn him again. We killed stuff while we waited.

With Dark Spark dead, I continued to wrap up ZM13 so I could get sky. I went back to the Hall of the Gods and continued past the gate which previously had blocked me. I then went to the teleporter behind where I had a rather kack ass cutscene. At the teleporter I stood to be transported to the entrance to sky. The entrance to sky is really interesting in that it has these funny disappearing doors, and translucent floors that are reactive to footsteps.

Greetings from sky! Wish you were here!

I went into the deeper areas to explore a bit but ultimately left without doing too much more.

I soon joined up with Arb to kill the NM Cardian needed for Windy Mission 6-1. I had previously tried to solo this, but without carby pull this is much more difficult. We dispatched the cardian with little difficulty and soon I was off wrapping up the mission with Liabelle.

We next had a clan event, a run against the 7 sins. I started out farming with Liabelle while I waited for people to get to their places. Everyone had to be near a spawn point for each of the seven sins. Trix and I were stationed at Gluttony, since this was the one big drop we wanted, but I would run to the others to help out after Gluttony was dead (Gluttony was generally the first to die.) Here is the skele himself, Gluttony. I found I couldn't quite solo him, and Trix just wasn't doing enough damage to be helpful, so I generally needed at least another DD my level (Rakion) or a healer (Cyclonus).

There was an hour downtime between spawns, so during this downtime Trix and I went to finish up our Blue Ribbon quest. This involved spawning and killing the Lich C Magus. We could have soloed this mob, but Dragonlance wanted to come along to help out.

At the end of the night we had gotten the desired sword and dagger for Kaliv and Trix and everyone was happy.

After this, Trix accompanied Darkkit and I to Bastok where we were to help eachother out with some quests. I first showed Trix and Darkkit where to go for the Fukuro quest. We then headed into Korroloka Tunnel to kill a NM for Darkkit's NPC quest.

Next, we killed some Jammer Leeches so Trix could bathe in their tepid pool.... Yeech... Very odd quest.

We finally wrapped up our journey by camping Cargo Crab Colin together. His sword didn't drop though.

The next day I logged in and had a horribly shitty party in sky. Bah, everyone raved about sky and I was so disappointed! I sure hope I get a better party in sky sometime soon. Because of this bad party, Avatarx and I formed a better party and went to Gustav Tunnel to fight Gobs, bats and flies. Was a great party and really made up for my lousy sky one earlier.

That night I led up another subligar run. This one was perhaps our most successful to date as we easily had a dozen subligar drops the whole night. We even fought some Stegotaurs and got 5 keys as well as 2 log drops. The only downside was that Tres never spawned and Eba killed us even though I did get a few good hits in. Honestly, we would have had Eba, but one of our three tanks went AFK and another one died in the first 30 seconds of the battle (heh, he didn't have shadows up). After Eba wiped us, we had to wait for everyone to get raised. Here is Darkkit and I contemplating Dayum's dead body.

Finally, the last thing I did was participate in a Dynamis - Sand'Oria run. In Dynamis we had to attack a series of increasingly difficult Orc waves and move our way through town. Along the way, we had to fight even more Orc until we eventually made it to the Chocobo Stables. Soon, we had to fight the Overlord Tombstone which was the Dynamis Boss. The run was successful, we completed it within 40 minutes, and got time extenders, so we farmed for a while more.

NIN AF Goodness2006 Mar 16 (Thu), 14:40
Going to be away from the game for a couple of weeks so I decided to wrap up my first NIN AF before I headed out.

Started out in Bastok running from NPC to NPC. This sent me on a Alteppa Desert crossing at night to a tiny remote corner north of the teleport crystal.

Once there, I pulled out Liabelle and we cleared mobs and built TP. We then contemplated the ??? spawn point together and popped the bugs.

The battle was trivial and over quickly. I subbed NIN and, obviously, used my NPC. This was overkill as I easily could have soloed the NMs. But so many people claimed this was the most difficult of the AF1's that I thought it better to be safe than sorry.

After the battle, we went and leveled some. Liabelle hit 45 and I called it a night.