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Given a Gibbon2006 Nov 3 (Fri), 13:46
Started leveling Red Mage (primarily because I've encountered so many irritating RDMs lately... I wanna be a princess too, damnit!). Afterwards I did my next Windy misson with some friends. It was a success.

I then went out with Avatarx and Cyc to do some of the SP class Assaults. We did "Troll Fugitives" in Lebros Cavern, which involved killing some Broken Troll Soldiers, as well as a few others. Some we succeeded in, others we failed. We really didn't care as we were just wanting to try the new SP assaults.

Afterwards I went out with Meretrix to kill the Opo Opo NM Edacious Opo-opo who drops the rather nice NIN armor "Nanban Kariginu". We managed to get one for both Trix and I, and we intend to use it in our ENM static.

Soon I was back on my mission kick and doing 8-1 with help from Cyc, Avatarx and Dragonlance. The mission took us to the top of Davoi where we had to enter this house and pull a nasty BLM HNM from this nasty gaggle of Orcs. Thankfully, we had Avatarx who was able to Carby pull him easily with only one link. Thankfully, we also had Cyc who was able to sleep the remaining link until we could deal with him :-) The HNM we had to kill was Dirtyhanded Gochakzuk, a 71 BLM. With the firepower we had, he was pretty much a pushover.

After he was dead, we headed down to the Monastic Caverns to kill the Orcish Warlord for some spells that Cyc wanted. We camped and killed him a few times, but never got the drop Cyc was looking for.

Givin' a Gibbon2006 Nov 3 (Fri), 13:55
In our weekly EXP page static we have a lot of fun. Sometimes, it is at the expense of others. Like when Cyc stupidly got aggro from a Stegotaur and died.... Good times....

I then went out with Sloth, DL, Marta, Avax, and DK to help some of them with their 5-1 mission. Here we are at the portal. Unfortunately, as soon as we get in, Marta and DL go AFK because some fool was at their door. BAH!

We won the battle anyway, but spent like 15 minutes waiting for them to get back...

In our next ENM Static we encountered a very strange bug. We encountered a Black Memory Receptacle. It was very puzzling. It was a server-side problem, also, because the Black MR was black on everyone's screen. However, it did die just like any other MR. I almost felt bad killing such an oddity

Wedding-ga2006 Nov 3 (Fri), 13:58
I don't recall if I mentioned this previously, but this last month we also had a Wedding in the Clan: I have footage for a video too.... I just haven't had time to finish it.

It's not easy, Ben Vereen...2006 Nov 27 (Mon), 15:19
Started out in a little party as a NIN. One of our party members didn't have the staging point (I think we were going to Mamool Ja) so we took the long way. En route, we encountered a few Poroggos, which are a new beastman added in Oct. 2006. These guys are little frogmen that can do a form of charm that turns you into one of them. There is a lot of talk that these mobs are "True Hearing", but I'm not yet convinced of it. Every time some new mob comes out that has the ability to detect you through invis/sneak/etc everyone always claims it's True Hearing. When ToAU first came out, everyone said the Imps were True Hearing... but they aren't. Then everyone claimed the birds were True Hearing... again, they aren't (they also claimed they aggroed emotes, but that's false too). While I don't doubt SE will make a True Hearing mob eventually, I need more proof that these frogmen are before I believe it.

Last time I helped Marta and Sloth do their 5-1 mission, so this time I helped them with 5-2. Here we are approaching the castle. Here we are preparing for the fight with the Shadowlord. The Shadowlord is honestly such a pushover if you have people 70+ to help you. I did notice this time that the Shadowlord has a Galka trim around his face. Kind of neat detail there...

Next, we headed out to try an ENM in Boneyard Gully. We had to help Davros get his key item though, which meant climbing the mountain again. I have no idea why I love that mountain so much. I guess it's just how neat the view is when you get to the top, and how you can see the maze below so clearly. In our ENM we battled Tuchulcha, a big nasty bug. We lost primarily due to lack of communication, but it was fun none-the-less.

We did an ENM in my next EXP Page static as well. We fought the Watch Hippogryph and his friends. We lost there too. We do keep getting very close to beating the bugard one, so we will be focusing more on that one in the future.

Next up I participated in one of the first Besieged events since the Oct. 2006 patch. The cutscenes changed rather drastically, which gave the event a very different feel. Here I am fighting one of the new HNMs, Gulool Ja Ja.

I also went a big mission crazy lately. I helped many people get past 6-2 in Windy, as well as got myself Rank 10. Unfortunately I was a bit lax in my picture taking. Here is a picture of me fighting Tatzlwurm, a wyvern for Rank 10 battle. This is the only picture I have from the whole thing. If memory serves me, I think I didn't take any other shots because my 360 was in the shop for repairs for like 3 weeks. I may want to check on my PS2 to be sure there's no images there...

At any rate, I did get rank 10, and got my Windurst Flag to prove it.