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Bye-bye, Taisai2006 Sep 8 (Fri), 15:26
Was in a party in Aydeewa Subterrane where we fought Aydeewa Diremites as well as Defoliators. After I was finished I returned to Jeuno to find Meretrix had finally hit 57 and could wear his Scorpion Harness.

I then ran to the Tavnazian region for my weekly EXP page static, there I found a really cool cliff that I somehow have missed every other time I've come here.

I then proceeded to complete the 'Talks with Tonberries' quest which involved a lot of annoying boat rides in Carpenter's Landing. I did get some neat views of the sights though. Wrapped up the quest fighting the Hematic Cyst with my NPC. The Cyst was a pushover and we dispatched him easily enough.

By now, the silly Chocobo raising patch had been applied and I (like so many others) was stranded in my home nation during the first formative months of my Choco's life. So I hunkered down, and skilled up Cooking.

We then had a CoP 2-3 clan event where I was going to lead 9 or so people who needed the mission in to kill the Minotaur and complete the mission. Unfortunately, only 2 people who committed to coming showed, and we had to pull from ClanAM proper to get people who had already completed the mission to help out. We had plenty of people to help, but due to some mistakes during the battle, we wiped hardcore on the Minotaur. I was honestly pretty pissed at the people that didn't show that claimed they would. I may not host another CoP 2-3 run again. Afterall, I don't need it, why should I waste my time helping people who wont help themselves?

Finally wrapped things up by hunting and killing the NM Taisaijin. This NM drops the most useless drop in the game. But I want it anyway simply for the humor of it. I didn't get the drop, but I did get the awesome title for killing him 'Bye-bye, Taisai'.

DEATH TO VIDEODROME!2006 Sep 25 (Mon), 16:38
Went out with Dragonlance and some others to help them get their Optical Hat from Hakutaku. We managed to get everyone their hat, except DL. Unfortunately, the worst possible thing happened when we did DL's pop, we nearly wiped and had to let Hakutaku despawn. So DL's cluster was wasted.

After that, I went out and leveled NIN up on Mount Zhayolm. There we fought Magmatic Eruca and Sicklemoon Jagils. The XP was really good.

Since Thersty's ENM static dissolved a while ago, I've been missing the cheap way to level NIN. So, I started my own ENM static, and here we are on our first night out. We succeeded, having only one strange thing (Trix's power went out just as we hit the 4th floor of Holla).

I then did Windy Mission 7-1 with a couple of Japanese players. The battle was pretty exciting, and I only got to snap one screenshot of Euu Xolo the Bloodfaced, who was the Samurai Yagudo of the bunch. We went in as 75MNK, 75NIN and 75RDM, and we rocked the BCNM pretty hardcore. Nothing could touch us, and we managed to kill most of the mobs before they had a chance to two-hour.

Finally, we rounded it all out with another XP page static. Cyclonus fired off some fireworks at the start (because he's a dweeb). Since we had enough people, we tried an ENM at the top, and failed... again...