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Oil? Who said anything about oil?2007 Apr 6 (Fri), 18:24
Headed out with Goth, Bam, Asuma and other clan-mates to help with their Zilart mission. Killed their Doomed Pilgrim and nasty shadow for the mission.

Afterwards, there was yet another big-ass patch to the game. In this patch they introduced a new mob to try and deal with fish botters. So, after the patch was over I had to log in and check them out. Here is the Goblin Bounty Hunter. They move very fast and respawn like crazy. They'll make the beaches harder to EXP on at the lower levels (which may change the dynamics of the dunes radically), but should provide quick kills later on once you can EXP off of them.

Next up I went to help out Avatarx, Xilldon, Darkkit, Wizz and some others try and get their Diabolos summons. This involved another harried run through Pso X'ja. Here is Xill and I by a portal. And here I am running to the elevator.

At the burning circle we rested and prepared for battle. We then entered and gathered together on the ledge above Diabolos.

Unfortunately, he destroyed us. During the battle he knocked me over the edge to perish amid the Diremites. He then systematically dismantled our group, killing off the MNK, the NIN, the SMN, and the two RDMs. Alas....

Finally, the Easter event is here again. I never did this event seriously before (I kind of tried when it first occurred, but really didn't get far in it). But I wanted the damned Fortune Egg so I did took it more seriously this year.

I got my egg and this fancy penis hat.

Fall down go boom2007 Apr 11 (Wed), 15:12
Started out doing a quick Ramuh avatar run with Xill, Trix and Cyc. Cyc wasn't too interested in the avatar, but came along for the hell of it. The four of us made short work of Ramuh and we won with little complication.

After that, in our weekly ENM static we were making our run up the spire when we found the NM of Holla in a convenient place to attack. So, someone (*cough* Cyc *cough*) had the bright idea that we fight him. I told them we would die, but they wanted to anyway. So, we pulled Cerebrator, got him to 30%, and died. Of course. You really need an alliance to kill him.

Still, dying wasn't a big deal since we were getting the ENM anyway.

GM-alicious2007 Apr 17 (Tue), 16:38
Was out leveling RDM again, managed to get to 28 in the Jungles. Was in a very good party with another Galka mage (WHM), and we had our particular camp to ourselves (which can be very rare in the jungles).

A few chains in, another player ran by /shouting "Help! I'm being chased by a Mandragora at (?-?)!" Behind them, they were dragging every last mob in the place. Our puller peeled one of these Mandies away from them, and we killed it. Unfortunately, this other person had already damaged the Mandy so we go no EXP. At this point, we were out of mobs, and had to wait for the next spawn.

The Mandies spawned again, we managed to get one more pull before this same idiot came running by shouting "Help! I'm being chased by a Mandragora at (?-?)!" and dragging every remaining Mandy in the zone.

Turns out the person was a 69 DRK, and was just being a dick. In fact, since this DRK was also Rank 9 and didn't seem to understand there was a party there, many of us deduced they likely had bought their account.

We asked them several times to stop as we were trying to EXP here, but they never did. Instead, we sunk a good hour or so dealing with their shenanigans and not getting hardly any EXP.

So, we called a GM on them. Soon, GM Akesios showed up and went to deal with the problem.

Here they are with the 69 DRK and their train of Mandies. After a stern talking to, the GM said they would watch the DRK. They didn't seem to do the greatest job as the DRK managed to keep bothering us for the next half hour or so. Finally we gave up, and moved camp.

We traveled down to the Outpost and killed Gobs, which went very well. I dinged RDM28 here, and took a picture of how much my new armor didn't change the way I looked.

Trim my Goatee Snootily2007 Apr 18 (Wed), 19:53
As soon as I got on I got a shout from Garwyn that he had an HNM in Kuftal unclaimed, so Cyc, Xill, and myself headed out to help him kill it. We got there and attacked Wyvernpoacher Drachlox. Honestly, Garwyn had his NPC and didn't really need our help, but it was fun to come anyway. We dispatched of him easily enough, didn't get the drop, though.

Afterwards, we went and did a Nyzule Assault or three. Fought some pretty interesting stuff in there...
  • Vile Ineef, a big mean Soulflayer was our first. Bastard was on the first floor of the first Assault we did. He even spawned one room over and aggroed Cyc as he went to scout.
  • Dahak was a few floors later... and nearly wiped us (I think only DK and Avax survived his AoE attacks).
  • We later on fought another damned Custard, Mint Custard (who looked decidedly un-mint to me). This time we were victorious and killed him, while we had failed earlier on his brother.
  • One of the last ones we fought was Wivre, which is a mob-type I've only seen once before (in a Besieged) and I don't know what he is.
We still haven't made it to the 5th floor (of course, we've only tried this maybe 4-5 times now), but we came very close. We were on the last mob just before the checkpoint when we ran out of time on one of our runs.