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...It will smell bad, and everyone will know what you've done...2007 Mar 7 (Wed), 20:27
Been palling around with Xill a lot lately, was there when he dinged RDM75, and he was there to help me get my Mire Map.

We started off by popping the Plague Chigoe, who bounced around like a madman. I have already fought this guy once, in an alliance. Unfortunately, I was missing a CS so I never got the map.

This time, Xill basically soloed it. Stupid RDM....

After that, we headed to the Temple of Ugly to get Xill the key he needed for his next Windy Mission. There, Xill's magic kept getting us aggro. So we had a couple of Iron Maidens to deal with. Granted, they weren't that hard, and we got his key easily.

We then headed out with Cyc and Trix to try and kill the HNM for their next mission. Unfortunately, we wiped.... Twice. Turns out Cyc as a BRD isn't as useful for that one as he was when he was a BLM :-P

In spite of our loss, we still had fun killing the Orcish Warlord a couple of times.

Next up, I was back in Qufim trying to level RDM. Thus far, I'm having a really hard time getting into the job. I know it will get better later on, but now it's kind of sucking. Can't cure worth shit, can't nuke worth crap, can't melee. I'll give it until I get Refresh to get better.... I sure hope it does.

At any rate, I was in a shitty party that in 1 hour had gained ~500 EXP and had wiped three times. The last time we wiped, the leader disbanded and left our dead bodies sprawled around our former camp.

It's all fun and games until a Galka eats dirt....

Xill was nice enough to come and raise me, so I went and joined him later on in an EXP party. It was in this party that Xill finally dinged 75. In fact, this was the mob that dinged him, and if you look very carefully in this next screenshot, you can actually see Xilldon ding 75.

We then went out with Avatarx and Cyc to try an ENM. We wiped, and you can see our failure here.

Lastly, I finally put the effort into getting a mule to Jeuno. I took Mesohonee on the long trek from Sandy to Jeuno. Now I have a mule in every major city and one minor city (Raboa).

Do me Willy Nelson Style!2007 Mar 21 (Wed), 17:51
Was part of the first ever Level 7 Besieged on the Phoenix server. Got my ass handed to me by Searing Vogaal Ja, who is a PLD Mamool Ja sitting atop some big mean nasty.

Afterwards, Avatarx, Janoric and I went out to manaburn a BCNM. We chose BCNM 30, "Creeping Doom". This BCNM involves killing a WHM crawler. He has nasty Paralyga spells he casts, and will Cure III himself often. Thus, the BLM tactic is to Sleep him, Aspir him, Firaga him, rinse and repeat until dead.

We did the BCNM several times. Here is a close-up of Bitoso. We even got our Aspirs timed perfectly. We won every time we did the BCNM, but ultimately got shit drops.

Next we went and farmed for a NM spawn item for Trix in the Den of Rancor. Getting the drop took 3 days, but I was only there helping out on the last day.

We took the item to the room where the NM spawns and prepared for battle. Trix traded the item and spawned Sozu Rogberry. He went down pretty easily and we got Trix his Thief's Knife!

Finally, for our weekly Assault static we decided to try and do the new Nyzule Assault. There we encountered many strange things, including various NMs from elsewhere in the game like Falcatus Aranei and Carnero.

We were doing pretty good on it, until we hit Caraway Custard, who was really mean. Of course, he was made meaner by the fact that we couldn't use our Weaponskills. He killed us, and we had to dezone and reraise. Of course, we weren't quitters, so we went back in and tried again. Fought an Archiac Mirror or two. Still haven't gotten to floor 5 :-P