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Gaping Gonorrhea2007 May 21 (Mon), 12:25
Logged in on top of Tom Tit Tat. This was kind of amazing to me because in all the years I've been playing this game, I've never once seen Tom spawn. Granted, I never really looked very hard (my MNK was too high to care about his drop when I first found out about it), but considering I was from Windy and spent so much time leveling in the Sarus, it was kind of amazing I'd never seen him before. Killed him with no drop... alas...

I then headed out with Xill, Trix and Co. to help them with Promy-Vahzl. Here's our group killing a poor defenseless Snowball. After building TP, we waited for Xill to spawn the first NM. He spawned Nunyunuwi and we proceeded to smack him down.

After that, we traveled through Pso'Xja on our way to the entrance to Promy-Vahzl.

Once inside, we proceeded through the normal Promy-Vazhl rigmarole. Killing the various sub-bosses like Propagator. At the top, however, we decided to try the CRAZY Promy-Vahzl ENM, with less than stellar results. We raised, however, and proceeded to trounce the final 3 bosses.

When finished, we went to try for my last Xhifhut item... AGAIN. While farming mobs, we encountered Centurio X-I... AGAIN. We eventually gave up... AGAIN.

Next up, we went out to Sea Serpent Grotto to farm O.Hat eyes as well as try for some coffer keys. While we were there, the NM Worr the Clawfisted spawned. We dispatched him (with some difficulty as he managed to link around 5 mobs around him), but no drop... alas.

On our next Riverne EXP page run, we decided to try for the map NMs... since we had so many people to help out. So, we headed out to the island where the NMs were, and fought them. The fight was honestly still kind of tricky even though we had so many people, but we dispatched the mobs anyway and completed the quest.

For the ENM at the top of Riverne, we decided to take the Hippogryph one which was rather intense. We won, with no real good drop and only minor EXP... alas.

Afterwards, we headed out to try for my Xhifhut drop.... AGAIN. This time we tried an entirely new area... and got the damned drop. This lead to the realization I posted here. Anyway, while we were there, we spawned and killed Tribunus VII-I for some reason. Who knows? Who cares? I finally got my damned drop, bitches!

So I ran back to Peddle-fucking-stox and traded those damned items I'd had in my inventory for 2+ years. I then rode out to the ??? spawn and waited until I finally got my damned Sand Mantle that I wanted 2 fucking years ago. Don't really need or want it now... Oh well... Still good to FINALLY finish that damned quest.

Lucy in the Sky with Asplosions2007 May 22 (Tue), 09:29
Started off by skilling up dagger on Colibris with Xill. We were doing this primarily for the weaponskill Cyclone, which is an unmissable AoE skill that is very useful in the SP Assault "Saving Private Ryaaf" (in one of the few areas I really need/want a 20k item from). We then went and did some Assaults including "Saving Private Ryaaf" as well as one involving this Sagelord. The Sagelord one we lost... hardcore...

After having helped Xill and Altairs through their Promy-Vahzl last time, we decided to get together and get the whole lot of us through the Snoll fight. If you recall, this is one that Avatarx and I had failed many times before. In fact, I think my record to date was 0/12 runs. This time, we didn't have retards helping us, and our run went very well. We completely schooled Snoll, and I wound up having a mistmelt left over for when Trix finally gets his ass here....

Next up, we went and helped some ClanAM people in the CoP Sacrarium mission because Cyc and I had keys for it (which meant there'd be a minimal of fighting). We did get to fight my personal favorite crazy professor, and of course I had to get the obligatory screenshot next to the big evil.

Because of our success in the Hippogryph ENM on our last Riverne EXP page run, we decided to try it again on our next run. Unfortunately this time it didn't go quite as well.... alas...

Soon Xill and I were preparing for our upcoming Airship fight (the ultimate and nasty CoP battle). So he and I headed out to Pso'Xja to farm for colored chips to turn into CCB Polymers (which are used in the Airship fight). We easily spent an hour or so farming and in the entire time got one measly chip. Drat.

So Xill and I went out to do the latest annual event, the Feast of Swords, which involves running around as level 1 characters wonking on various fomor-looking guys in samurai armor. We had great success and managed to get the teleport neck-items as rewards.

Next Xill, Cyc, and I went out to kill the NMs in the CoP mission just before the Airship fight. These are three funny orbs that would likely be annoying if we didn't sleep them. The three of us then went up Riverne to attempt the quest battle "Uninvited Guests", which is essentially an uncapped Mammet fight. We won and each got an EXP page as a reward.

The next day, I was roped into doing the Airship fight with Darkkit. This was a little irritating because I was waiting for Xill, but I went anyway because we had such a good team.

If you don't know, the airship fight takes place amid a massive airship battle squadron and is one of the most visually spectacular battles in all of FFXI. The battle is timed, and rather difficult. It consists of three segments.

The first is where you fight level 60 capped Mammets. This part is honestly very easy and straightforward. We slaughtered them within a few minutes of starting, using a minimal of Yellow Liquids.

The next segment involves killing a large mechanical beasty known as Omega. Omega is rather evil because he has devastating AoE and rear attacks, which means that placement of your party as well as orientation of the enemy is critical. On our dry-run, we wiped on Omega.

After you defeat Omega, you are transported to another airship in the armada where you fight yet another large mechanical beasty, Ultima. Ultima has similar nasty AoE and rear moves to Omega, but he also has some truly evil status effect moves that can make or break your battle. He was very difficult but we managed to defeat him and complete the mission.

Everything's better, down where it's wetter!2007 May 24 (Thu), 14:58
So I've been leveling WAR a lot lately. May take it to end-game. I've been into WAR primarily because my recent mage stint bored me (I just can't get into being a back-line job). Anyway, the problem with my WAR is that I took it from 30-44 in Promies... meaning that all of my skills were capped at 30. So I've been out trying to skill up Axe and Great Axe with my NPC.

One day while skilling up, I found a rather curious glitch. Sitting at the zone to the Eldieme Necropolis was a strange summons. It had no owner, had full life, and was a fire spirit model with an air spirit title. The strange thing was this glitch remained for several hours as it was still there when I rezoned much later on.

But at any rate, I managed to cap normal axe (great axe is still uncapped, bugger is a pain to skill up) and went out to enjoy partying as WAR.

Next up we fought Tenzen for the last CoP battle before Sea access. Completely and totally destroyed Tenzen with multiple 2 hours to spare, and wound up in Sea.

....Hello from Sea, bitches!

Ahem... anyway... after we zoned in we decided to take some of the local flora and fauna such as this Ul'aern and his buddy this other Ul'aern... Uh... hmmm.... Well I guess that's all we fought.

Afterwards I did an Assault pick-up for "Requiem" which involved killing big nasties in Periqia. There were a lot of bones-type mobs but we had two MNKs so it wasn't a big deal.

Finally, Cyc convinced me to join him in a quick 3 party Limbus. If you don't know, Limbus involves getting a key item in Jeuno and then killing an Aw'euvhi for his key item. You then find a portal and traverse it to get to one of the various Limbus areas.

Specifically, we went to Apollyon to farm items.