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Chemo Limo2008 May 28 (Wed), 11:04
Okay, once again, I've gotten way behind in keeping this page up to date. So, I'll try my best to catch up :-)

Started out doing a quest for a new shield for my BST. This quest involved killing Glyryvilu in Sea Serpent Grotto. He was a massive pushover (of course), but I pulled out Liabelle anyway (just in case). After killing him, I returned to Stray Cloud in Norg to obtain the shield. The quest gave me the Light Buckler, which is a decent enough shield but is (most importantly) f-f-f-freeee! Plus, it'll get me by until my more bad-ass shield I got from Nyzul is equip-able.

Then I was off leveling BST again. Part of what I've been enjoying about BST is how I can go so many places that I've never spent much time in. Certainly places I've never really leveled in. One of these places is Purgonorgo Isle, which I'd only ever gone to for CoP missions, NM/HNM fights, and minor farming. Here I am waiting in Bibiki Bay at the port. Because the Manaclipper goes multiple places, it can be a hassle to get out to the Isle. This means that when you go there to level you probably wont encounter other people who can ruin your leveling as a BST.

I had to wait for what felt like forever, but eventually the right Manaclipper showed up and I was off. I was concerned being a lowly BST on the trip, but it turned out being very pleasant and aggro free.

Once there, I was thrilled to be able to use such unique mobs as the Coralline Uragnites as pets. I targeted the politically incorrect Alruanes and pink Toucans and leveled rapidly. Too rapidly in fact. I was too high for the area in a single night and had to move on to Jugner (S) to fight Hawkertraps.

Soon I was high enough to head to Jeuno to start my first BST AF quest. This involved killing mobs in Delkfutt for a key drop, which meant I killed my fair share of throw-away NMs. It wasn't long before I got the drop and was able to get my BST AF Axe... which looks exactly like my Tungi.... *sigh*...

Continuing BST, I went on to Rolanberry (S) to fight Bee v. Bee. This was ultimately a pretty boring camp; aside from a wandering Gob and some Goobdues the camp was moderately lame and dull.

Après Moi2008 May 28 (Wed), 11:23
More catching up with old screenshots :-)

I went out to Korororororororloko Tunnel to farm some NMs. I forget exactly why I went there, to be honest. I suspect I had some Iron Ore that I was looking to convert into something worth a bit more :-)

Here I am running at Falcatus Aranei, who I originally wanted years ago for some reason (probably back when I was expecting to use Scythe more for BST). I also found and killed the Morion Worm a few times. Got a couple of drops.

I also finally decided to finish up my WAR AF and get the (mostly) useless Lorica. This involved killing three Goblins in Behemoth's Dominion. Here's Doglix Muttsnout, who may have simultaneously the coolest and most unfortunate name in the entire game. Here's his buddy, Moxnix Nightgoggle. We actually did this battle a couple of times in rapid succession because we had a few people who needed it done and yet we were too damned dumb to coordinate them all before hand :-P

Afterwards, we headed out to Castle Oztroja to fight Huu Xalmo the Salvage. If you'll recall, I fought him originally for my MNK way back in Dec 2005. I also noticed that I've seen him in Campaign Battles fairly recently, which is kind of cool.

Soon I was back leveling BST again. I went to Ronf (S) and fought ladybugs which was kind of fun. Ladybugs have moves that cause amnesia (like Imps) which makes fighting them with a pet kind of interesting. Had a couple of situations where my pet would come uncharmed before amnesia wore and I couldn't recharm them or tame them. Coupled with the fact that bones spawned at night and the camp was considerably more exciting than camps I'd been at previously.

Fat Bottomed Girls2008 May 28 (Wed), 11:38
And yet more screenshot catching up...

Got a little NM crazy lately. Encountered Dyinyinga while I was out leveling BST. Came back as NIN to kill him. He's a crazy NM; runs easily 20% faster than you do and fights you as if he was on-follow. This means he fights you uncomfortably close and invades your personal space. He also has proximity silence and amnesia, which makes fighting him.... ahem... interesting.

After this, I went and did some campaigns with Sloth and Trix. In Rolanberry (S), by the fort, we encountered Mr. Sandworm. Who is big, and bad-ass. Some people got too curious and were killed in two or three hits.

"The spice must flow!"

Having him around during campaign battles made things really interesting.

Once campaign was over, we headed out to help Trix complete a quest. This is the quest for the Angelstone, which is an item used in one of the last Gobbie Bag quests. Personally, I just bought all the items when the quest first activated and have been done for months. But Trix is... ahem... cheap. Or smart. Take your pick because he didn't have to spend money on the item.

Anyway, the battle took place in Jugner (S) and was against Fingerfilcher Dradzad. I did the quest as well so I could sell my Angelstone. IIRC, I probably spent ~50k on the stone waaay back when, and yet was able to sell the stone for ~150k. Who's the smart one now? :-P

I then continued my NM craze by encountering La Velue in Batallia (S). Apparently, I got lucky with him because he may be a 12-24 hour spawn. Near death he starts spamming Tiger moves, which gives him the appearance of a child throwing a tantrum, IMO.

Finished things off by hunting and killing Balam-Quitz. This guy was crazy to fight as well. When he gets to around 1% life, he does this single move that drops you to 1% life as well. He then dies easily, but it's certainly a "ZOMG-CRAP-TITTIES!" moment.

Wherps...2008 May 28 (Wed), 11:46
Whoops... somehow missed one screenshot from the mess of ones I've been updating lately...

It's a silly one of Mesohonee watching the Chocobo Races. Heh... kind of been betting on them and racing my supremely awesome chocobos. Anyway... this probably didn't deserve its own post... but oh well...