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Umpty Pumpty2009 Dec 16 (Wed), 14:18
Been toying around with the idea of ending it all... Bound to happen sooner or later, and Maior has had a long run. We'll have to wait and see when I ultimately put him out to pasture...

In the meantime I've been leveling up DNC/BST some more. I have very little interest in leveling DNC in a party and I've been spoiled by the EXP you can get solo as BST, so I'm just doing DNC/BST. I'm not enjoying DNC, so once I hit 37, I'll stop. The one perk of leveling DNC/BST is that I get to visit my old BST hunting grounds again. That actually is pretty cool. It's been fun to head back to Alteppa and have the mobs grant me EXP again. I even managed to drag Meretrix out for some level-sync action.

We also went and did some Campaigns together. Trix has decided he wants Campaign-gear so we've been trying to get him ranked up. We also went out and soloed in some ToAU areas together, which is a blast because I loved those zones as BST.

Back in October, Squeenix gave us a pretty kick-ass little event which resulted in this dashing little number as well as various sundry costumes. It's been a long time since both Trix and I could get into an event together.

Finally, we've been helping Schultmc a bit with his missions and things. Honestly, we're not helping as much as we probably should because I think both Trix and I are getting a bit tired of FFXI, but we are still helping a little bit. We went and took him around for his Magecite mission, which brought back memories. While we were helping him out, I encountered a bunch of new NMs, such as Slumbering Samwell. We also went and camped an NM for him in the Grotto, where I encountered Seww the Squidlimbed and his drop fro Trix. We were there to kill Fyuu the Seabellow and get Frog Trousers for Schultmc.