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Everything old is new again2009 Jul 6 (Mon), 10:33
Been spending a lot of time lately doing things I've already done before in new and interesting ways. For example, I've been taking my BST back to old haunts I've been too as other jobs. This includes places like Bibiki Bay where I duo'd with Liabelle. If you'll recall, Bibiki Bay used to be the shiznit back when it first came out and everyone would level there. Once ToAU hit and end-game TP-burns became all the rage, Bibiki Bay fell out of favor and the only people who would go there were people who didn't have ToAU or people who were looking for a less camped place to go. Now, with WoTG and campaigns filling in the latter gap, Bibiki Bay is practically empty (BLMs still love to solo there as there are BST enemies with pets to kill, but that's about it) making it a wonderful place to go as a Beastmaster.

After our time in Bibiki Bay I went to do a BCNM with Liabelle. I'll be honest, I forget what the BCNM was about, all I know is it involved killing Vassago, a Demon, with my NPC.

Soon I was back doing more Nyzule runs. I forget how many I've done, all I know is a) I've never gotten a weapon for any of my end-game jobs, b) I'm yet to get past floor 5 personally, although I help out of people of any level, c) I'm yet to get any armor for any job of mine that can use it (although, the MNK body armor dropped once and no one wanted it, but it was lost because we were running out of time and needed to exit).

Next up I was back re-acquiring ACP keys to try for an augmented item to fit one of the jobs I'm serious about. This involved killing Chuglix Berrypaws, Vegnix Greenthumb, and Driblix Greasepaw. I forget what I got this time, but it was a joke. First real bum-item I've gotten from the ACP keys. I also fought Malefic Fencer for another augment attempt. This time I got a cool mid-range augmented item that would be semi-useful if I ever decide to level up SAM again.

Headed out to Halvung to fight crawler vs. crawler as BST. It was pretty fun to be back soloing in such a dangerous place, but the EXP rate wasn't what I was used to so I didn't stay much past one hit on the empress band.

Wrapped things up doing some Basty missions. Finally got around to doing the Archlich fight. I actually wound up doing it twice because one run ended in failure. After 5-1, we continued on up to the Castle to kill ourselves a Shadowlord. I forget the last time I fought the Shadowlord, but I'm reasonably certain it was before I got my 360 because I don't remember him looking as cool :-)

Then I went out and solo'ed the next mission with Liabelle. This next mission involved killing a big mean Manticore named "Eastern Sphinx". He has a friend as well, but you only need to kill one of them. On my way back out of the zone, I fought and killed Celphine who, if you recall, was a NM I used to camp for my NIN when my NIN was low level. Never saw her spawn when I needed her, and she didn't drop what I wanted this time anyway.

Full frontal beastiality2009 Jul 27 (Mon), 14:24
So, in my journey to level 75 Beastmaster, I went back to Aydeewa to kill tigers and mites. I must say, I loved Aydeewa, definitely one of my favorite general places to level.

Had a pick-up party for ACP11, which is something that I'm, regrettably, 0/10 on. Friggin' battle is driving me insane. On my way up to meet my group at Stellar Fulcrum, I met Enkelados, and dispatched him without a drop.

Here's our group at the entrance to the arena, and here we are looking down on the crystal itself. This battle is really a monster, and because I don't have certain jobs at 75, I tend to get passed over a lot for these battles. Needless to say, I'm desperate for a win. Unfortunately, we didn't win.

After my sad loss, I went out to help Schultmc with something in Davoi. While there, we killed Purpleflash Brukdok... you know... because he was there.

As I've been nearing BST75 I've also be buying some pretty strange looking stuff... Mainly because I like looking pretty.

Anyway, in the end I dinged BST 75 in sky. I went up there and did a few pick-up duo parties as well as solo'd and before I knew it, I was Beastmaster level 75. Woot!