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Dual Logging2009 Sep 15 (Tue), 11:32
Alright, so I've been busy and bad at updating. Hell, I've even had screenshots in the queue waiting to be put up here and yet I've still not been updating.

Well, this time I have a couple of really good reasons. The first one is that my video game company just released our first game, Duologue. So, you know... go buy it :-) It's pretty exciting to have this first game done and be working on our second game.

The second reason was that I had another RRoD (pretty sure that's #5 for me). This caused me to, once again, lose an assload of pictures and my macros. It wasn't as bad this time as I had a backup of my macros from June 2009, but it's still annoying as I lost my DNC macros (I have started that back up again) and my end-game BST macros (probably the biggest irritation).

Anyway... expect some updates soon.

Hat Salad2009 Sep 15 (Tue), 12:03
Went out farming NMs with Trix for some inexplicable reason that I forget. I really wonder what we were doing out there in Zi'Tah because Noble Mold just doesn't seem worth it. Perhaps we were doing some level-synced field manual pages or something...

With the new expansion (Moogle Ta-Ta's, or whatever) we got a slew of new end-game areas added to the past. One new area was Xarcabard (S), which is a pretty frightening place. It has these nasty new mobs that fly high in the sky and swoop down to attack you (sort of like if the UFOs in Sea had sex with dragons). Here is one NM version of these guys. They have a nasty tendency towards hanging around the campaign arbiter and killing people as they talk to him. You'd think the bastard would warn you, "Hey! Don't come over here! Nasty bullshit dragon will kill you!"

They also added Beaucedine Glacier (S), which can't be any more purple. Neither area is terribly BST friendly, which is unfortunate, but I sure do love taking my MNK out there.

Because of my troubles with the previous mini-expansion, I was determined to finish up Moogle Ta-Ta's before people figured out which jobs they did not want in order to beat it. So, I pretty much spent a few days pushing through the expansion hardcore.

Here I am about to kill some cardians for it. The cardians were total cake, but there were so many people needing it while I was there that we wound up killing them as a group.

Soon I was off to the desert and Quicksand Caves where I joined a group to take down Nanaa Mihgo and friends. That fight was also cake, even though we did have one DC in the middle of it.

Before long I was on the final battle which involved killing a super-sized Moogle and a few of his crew.

This battle was a bit of a challenge, and annoying when you failed because it required you to do the previous mission again (and the previous mission involved a lot of walking around). The groups I was with tried various strategies including having the BLMs nuke/kite while the melee sit back waiting for his crew to spawn, zerging the Moogle himself (which wasn't without peril) and having close-quarters DD hang back while RNGs kited the boss. Needless to say, I didn't win it the first several attempts.

So I went back with Trix to help him out on earlier missions. I wanted to get him caught up so he could get through Moogle Ta-Ta's quickly as well, but he dragged ass and that didn't happen.

Eventually, the winning strategy we used to kill the final boss was to zerg him down with a DD-heavy group. At the end of the day, this seemed to the most straight forward and reliable way to beat him (wound up beating him three times this way, and am yet to have a RNG or BLM burn work).

My reward was this lovely Anwig Salade with it's obscenely large visor. I augmented it with:
  • Attack+3 Pet: Damage taken -10%
  • STR+4 Weapon Skill Accuracy +15
This made it a very good hat for both BST and general DD jobs. All in all, I think I look pretty kick ass with it on.