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I've really enjoyed leveling BST. Going into BST I had four jobs at 75, and many other jobs around mid-game, but I have to say that BST is easily my favorite job now. In fact, whereas before I would never say any of my jobs were what I considered my main, I think I can honestly say BST is.

Anyway, here is a list of some of the camps I've absolutely loved as BST. This shouldn't be considered a guide, as it's not laid out that way and doesn't cover every level. It's more of a travelogue indicating some of my stops on the way to 75 that I found particularly memorable.

Maior's Favorite BST Camps

I started BST long ago, but never got into it. I didn't pick it back up and try again until after WoTG? game out. One of my first areas that I tried when I came back was West Saru in the past. It friggin' rocked and I got to 25 in a few days.

One of my favorite things about BST is being able to level in places that you typically don't hand out in, and Purgonorgo Isle is definitely one of those places.

I have no entries on this site of my time here (primarily because of the NXE bug that nuked my screenshots) but this is easily my favorite place that I've ever leveled. You go into B.O., and it just seems so evil. It seems too evil, and you think "How can anyone level here?" Then you get into the zone of charming slimes and chaining VT mobs and before long you own this place. This was the first location that I really experienced the power of BST.

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