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Dynamis Death Patrol2006 Apr 3 (Mon), 14:26
Started out by running out to Quicksand Caves to help kill a NM for a friend. Here's our little group enroute killing a spider. The NM was Sabotender Bailarina and the drop we were going for was Dune Boots for a MNK there (not me, I'm not terribly interested in them). We killed him and got the boots for my friend.

After this, we attempted a Dynamis Jeuno run in EEG Dynamis. Here we are prepping for the run. We really didn't have enough people to beat Dynamis Jeuno, but we had a pretty good run regardless killing just about everything that got in our way including Mr. Bandrix Rockjaw and his friends Lurklox Dhalmelneck and Ticktox Beadyeyes. We then gathered together near Maat while we waited for some more pulls. There we fought more beasties like Karashix Swollenskull.

Unfortunately, one bad pull dragged a horrible, monsterous, mob train back to those of us at Maat. This mob train killed us all and the evening was a total wipe.

I then went out to level some more. Gained a minimum of a level on both NIN and MNK. But soon it was time for Dynamis again. Since we had so many people this time, we decided to attempt Dynamis-Jeuno again for the win. Here we are at the Upper Jeuno exit. I was unfortunate enough to wind up in a group of melees with someone who was on my blist for his actions in this bones party. But, he was on my blist, and other than one issue where I had more points and was allowed to obtain an AF item while he was not, his presence was barely even known to me.

This time, we did win. Here are all the melees waiting by Maat for the mages to finish the boss. After the win, we stuck around and farmed for a bit. Unfortunately, due to a storm in the area, I had a brown out and lost connection. When I logged back in, I immediately hit "seek" and started typing my apology and ask for a re-invite. However, during my absense a bad pull had dragged more nasties back to us and I respawned in the middle of them. Yay! Another death!

Rockin' da giblets2006 Apr 19 (Wed), 14:19
Started out doing a little ENM event with Cyc, Tam, Mog, Dark, and Dragonlance in Riverne. Went to fight us a fly trap as well as farming some crap.

Next, it was time again for Dynamis and we were doing Bastok. Here are the melees waiting for the mages to nuke the scorpions. Here we are at the Gustaburg zone. Here is Be'Ebo Tortoisedriver. We actually were doing pretty well, until a summons Astral Flowed in a group of melee and wiped most of us.

I survived, but was later on taken down by a bad boss pull. As you can see this was a really bad pull. Even while we were all dead, the mobs kept tracking down the last few survivors and slaughtering them.

"So did you see the cans on that Mithra I took down?" .... "Yeah! Hubba hubba!"

We raised everyone... restored our health.. only to be wiped again in practically the same spot... At which point we promptly gave up and our bodies were deposited in Bastok. Cash thought this was the funniest thing she'd ever seen, so she went nuts.

After this I ran out with Cyc to camp an NM for him in Quicksand Caves. It really wasn't long before he popped and we managed to claim him. Centuro X-I really was a push over for us, but we didn't get the drop Cyc wanted anyway.

I then returned to Dynamis this time in Windurst. I even took a picture in roughly the same location I had taken one of my first ones two years ago. On the left is my original shot from Windurst Walls from two years ago. On the right is the new shot from Dynamis Windurst.

We managed to win Dynamis-Windurst, in spite of a few funny wipes. Here we are fighting Wuu Qoho the Razerclaw, and here we are fighting him some more. Haa Pevl the Stentorian was next, followed by Xoo Kaza the Solemn. Unfortunately, this was where we wiped as a person in our alliance accidentally aggroed a butt load of mobs. If you look here, you can see the mobs just starting to come down the hill. We killed Xoo but we wiped.

The funniest thing about this wipe was that, in the process of the battle, somehow one of our members fell off the bridge. They had to call a GM to get the poor guy out. We then fought the Dynamis Windurst boss, Tzee Xicu Idol. We dispatched the idol with little difficulty and won Dynamis-Windurst.

Ushering in a new era...2006 Apr 20 (Thu), 17:35
Welp, I've recently switched over to 360 as my primary console to play FFXI on. Unfortunately, I had an error and couldn't play for a while. Eventually it was resolved, but it was irritating.

When I did get on, I went to start my quest to get into the ferry to Al Zahbi (the gateway to Aht Urhgan). As you can see in my screenshot, so did a lot of other people. Zoinks!

There were 3 quests, I chose intermediate because I already had all the items, and I was off. Outpost warped to Buburimu and trekked my way to Mhaura. There, I boarded the ferry with a buttload of other people and we set sail for the new area.

YAY! For High Resolution!..... erm... yuck...

Welcome to Al Zahbi Port! Wandered around the city for a bit, finding a PUP NPC, but eventually had to log because of silly work.

Treasures of Art Ummagumma2006 Apr 24 (Mon), 16:46
Welp, got more opportunity to explore the new ToAU expansion, as well as try my 360 FFXI out in a variety of ways.

First I went and started my PUP flagquest. Talked to Mr. Ghatsad, the Galka puppetmaker. Ghatsad has to be one of the coolest, most hip NPCs in the game. I mean, he looks like he should be sipping Chai in some poetry jam session somewhere.

After starting the PUP and COR flagquests, I went to the docks and sailed to Nashmau. Like my last trip, this boat ride was filled to the brim with people. The trip was pretty boring, but we had some great sights outside the boat such as this volcano and whatever the hell this is. Finally docked in Nashmau and saw my first Qigirn. After that, I went through the various zones to do my PUP and COR flag quests. Here I am finishing up COR with Darkkit.

Afterwards, I returned to Aht Urhgan Whitegate and wrapped up COR and PUP. Here I am with my new puppet, Lobo.

After getting my fill of the new areas and desiring more EXP for my MNK, I went out and joined a party travelling to Moon. I was impressed with the visuals in Meriphitaud and everything just looked so amazing. I got confused where we were going and wound up in the Hall of Gods heading to Sky before I realized we were actually heading for Moon... heh... Anyway, we finally get there and fight stuff for a while.

Now, in case you don't know this already, Moon is kind of this place that people go when people in your group don't have access to other, better areas. When you can't go to Sky, Sea, Lufaise Meadows, etc., and you don't have the makings of a bones party, or something else, then there's very few places you can go to EXP (rather, there's very few places that people know of to EXP). Thus, people often wind up in Moon fighting weapons and golems for peanuts.

Long story short, they settle....

Well, the EXP in Moon past around 71 is pretty horrible. I was 72 and we had a PLD who was 74, so our EXP was pretty bad. Plus, we had a lousy puller (WAR/NIN who doesn't carry ranged equipment because he hates pulling) so we never got past chain 4. Even still, we did get around 12k in a few hours, which is 4k per hour, so it wasn't terrible... But it could and should have been much better.

Anyway... pressing on. Next I did another Dynamis, once again back in Bastok. This time we survived long enough to fight the boss and win. You can see the boss coming down the hill (the draw distance on the 360 is amazing). Here we are just starting to engage him. And here I am running up to engage him. The Gu'Dah Effigy was pretty weak, and we stomped him good.

It's AGAS!2006 Apr 26 (Wed), 23:04
Went with Cyc and company to help with their Sleepga II NM fight. Here we are preparing for the battle. The NM is spawned from a ??? inside of the Boyada Tree. Agas himself was a pushover, however he did bring me down to 20/1800HP because he Sleepga'd everyone (hah, why would the Sleepga II NM use Sleepga II?!)

Then, I did Thersty's ENM static. I have stopped mentioning these because they are pretty unremarkable. We go in, get 9k EXP (we're doing Mea now too) and get out. No big whoop. However, this time was my first time inside of Promyvion on my 360... and damn did it look nice!

Ahem... anyway... I went and leveled NIN. We went to Quicksand Cave, which, again, is unremarkable now, and I normally wouldn't comment on it or show screenshots. However, I did want to show you who the the biggest MNK gimp I've ever seen! Zoinks!