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I've had an obscene amount of gear over the years. This page is dedicated to all of my favorite gear.


[Republic Knuckles]

Level: 15
Slot: Weapon
Damage: +6
Delay: +76
TP Per Hit: 5%
Effects for Republic Knuckles:
      • HP +3
      • MP +3
      • Accuracy +2
      • Attack +3
These weren't my first H2H weapon, but they certainly were the first I was really impressed with. See, what a lot of MNKs (especially end-game MNKs) don't realize is that in the early levels you will solo a lot better as a MNK with a high power staff. In fact, I went to nearly 16 using staves primarily. However, as soon as you start partying, your MNK will find the staves problematic. Thus, you need to get knuckles and be the DoT that MNK is supposed to be.

When I first tried out my Republic Knux I was blown away by how well they were performing in party situations. Sure, the MP is silly and useless, but ACC +2 and ATT +3 is very useful.

I honestly used these knux until 32 and my Impact Knuckles (and, yes, I tried nearly every H2H weapon in between) and did significantly more damage than my MNK cohorts. Of my low-level MNK weapons, this is the only one I've hung onto.

[Vampiric Claws]

Level: 39
Flags: Rare / Exclusive
Damage: +8
Delay: +60
TP Per Hit: 5%
Effects for Vampiric Claws:
    • Additional Effect: HP Drain

I was so [stoked] when I got my claws finally, and they didn't disappoint. Granted, I was well past where I could use them to level (well, PUP can use them) but I've still gotten a ton of use out of them.

[Vishnu's Cesti]

Level 67
Jobs: MNK
Damage: +7
Delay: +0
TP Per Hit: 3.5%
Effects for Vishnu's Cesti:
    • Strength +2
    • Dexterity +2
    • Agility -1
    • Accuracy +4

I really didn't mention it [when I hit 67], but these were some awesome cesti. That delay of zero coupled with the damage and the stats mean this was one hell of a weapon.


Level: 24
Flags: Rare / Exclusive / Not NPC Sellable
Damage: 18
Delay: 236
Damage Per Second (DPS): 4.58
TP Per Hit: 6.3%
Effects for Nadrs:
    • Resist vs. Water +3
    • Additional Effect: Poison

These are a great THF and BLU weapon that looks really cool and has some sweet stats. Ultimately, I camped it back when the only acceptable job that could use them was THF, and I had little interest in leveling THF. Still, I got them because they did look so sweet.

These are probably the only NM drop I've ever gotten simply because they look cool.

[Chiroptera Dagger]

Level: 38
Flags: Rare / Exclusive
Damage: 13
Delay: 192
Damage Per Second (DPS): 4.06
TP Per Hit: 5.3%
Effects for Chiroptera Dagger:
    • Ranged Accuracy +12

Just a cool little RNG dagger that I got from the same NM that gave me the Vampiric Claws.


Level: 30
Flags: Rare
Jobs: NIN
Damage: 19
Delay: 232
Damage Per Second (DPS): 4.91
TP Per Hit: 6.3%
Effects for Nikkariaoe:
    • Spell Interruption Rate -25%

Camping the [Orc Trap] wasn't very hard, and soon I was able to get this very fine katana. This is what I use when I take my NIN into Promy ENMs. Great bit of gear for that difficult period of tanking between 30 and when you can actually use Utsusemi Ni.


[Nokizaru Gi]

Level 50
Jobs: NIN
DEF: 31
Effects for Nokizaru Gi:
    • AGI +4
    • Enmity +1

Way back when, we used to do semi-weekly Aqueducts runs for Fomor Subligars. When we used to do these, the only tanks we had were WARs and PLDs. However, as you can see [here] there are a lot of NIN Fomors that are place-holders for other Fomors. The end result was that we had to kill a lot of NIN Fomors. And we kept getting these NIN Subligar drops that no one wanted.

Well, one day I decided I'd take it since the stats on the final armor were so good. Of course, before I could use it, I had to actually level NIN up to 50. So, I decided to level NIN :-)

This is the only item I've ever gotten where I actually decided to level a job just to use it. And level it I did, I took NIN to 75.

Anyway, when I first got a chance to wear it I loved how [bad ass I looked].

Beetle Armor +1

Level 21

The entire Beetle Armor +1 set was the first full armor set I ever got. I got the first item [here], and proceeded to get the rest of the set with my final peice obtained in Kazham.

Now, the stats on this set are really only useful if you're tanking. But the reasons I like this armor aren't for the stats.

Firstly, the armor is equipable by many jobs. I've litterally not had to shop for armor 20-30 for any jobs I've levelled thus far because they can all use this equipment. Secondly, the armor looks pretty badass on Maior. He just looks like such a monster with this stuff on.

[Ochiudo's Kotes]

Level: 34
Defense: 8
Effects for Ochiudo's Kote:
    • Resist vs. Light -8
    • Resist vs. Dark +8
    • Attack +20
    • Evasion -5

I took off 3 months to farm and earn the money to buy these, and when I was first able to wear them, [I was most thrilled]. Honestly, if I had to pick one item that I've gotten the most use out of and loved the most, it would be this one. These things took my MNK from 35 (I didn't get them at 34) to 73, and they are what I have also used with NIN and SAM. Attack +20 simply cannot be beat.

Hands down my favorite purchase ever.

[Jujitsu Gi]

Level: 40
Defense: 27
Effects for Jujitsu Gi:
    • Accuracy +4

My level 40 "ouch" wasn't as bad as it could have been. I took off time leveling MNK and grew some elemental ores to fund it. During this time, I leveled SAM using the uber MNK gear I already had. When I [dinged 40] I was set and had my Gi already purchased.

My Gi is another item I really like because I've been able to use it for multiple jobs.


I purchased the Eisengear set for my WAR to participate in Promy. I then got an obscene amount of use out of it since I was part of Thersty's ENM static. The one thing I really love about this gear is how it is NPC storable as a set. This meant it never filled up my mog house.

[Scorpion Harness]

Level: 57
Defense: 40
Effects for Scorpion Harness:
    • HP +15
    • Resist vs. Ice -20
    • Resist vs. Water +15
    • Resist vs. Dark +15
    • Accuracy +10
    • Evasion +10

Unlike my Gi and my Kotes, my Harness did not require me to take off time playing MNK to save up for. By this point I had learned how to make great money from a few select BCNMs, so I was able to earn the money for my Harness in about a week [and keep playing while I saved].

One thing I really liked about my Harness was how well it went with my Kotes. Red on red... finally!

[Emperor Hairpin]

Level: 24
Flags: Rare
Jobs: All
Defense: 0
Effects for Emperor Hairpin:
    • HP -15
    • Dexterity +3
    • Agility +3
    • Evasion +10

Here's the deal, the hairpin isn't as great as everyone says it is. DEX+3 is wonderful for all melee jobs, but the AGI+3 is only useful for a handful, and the EVA+10 is really only useful if you're a tank that relies on that stat. However, the reason this is one of my favorite items is not because of the item or its stats... it's because of what owning it means.

See, before the patch that basically killed off the gil-sellers who camped VE 24 hours a day, I spent [some time competing with them and ultimately claiming VE from under their noses]. So this hairpin represents to me that I can accomplish things inspite of seemingly insurmountable odds.

I rule.

[Optical Hat]

Level: 70
Flags: Rare / Exclusive / Not NPC Sellable
Jobs: All
Defense: 0
Effects for Optical Hat:
    • Accuracy +10
    • Ranged Accuracy +10
    • Evasion +10

My Optical Hat [almost didn't happen] because of how flaky people are on O.Hat runs. I did manage to get the hat anyway, and I've loved it. It finally replaced my Emperor Hairpin on MNK :-)


[Dream Hat +1]

Silly little hat that gives Ginger Cookies every day. Managed to [get this for all my characters at the time it came out]. Honestly you can now buy these things from the festival moogles during December, but I got it the right way by doing the quest way back when.

Why is this on my favorite gear? Well, because of this item I've been able to stockpile a huge number of Ginger Cookies. Someday, if and when I level WHM, I will be set for a very long time.

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